Monthly Archive: January 2012

Life’s Stories – Ben gets us to Atlanta!

So several years ago, two little kittens joined our family. One day at school a co-worker asked  my wife if she’d be interested in helping find a home to two stray grey striped kittens. They had come to his house and because of his large dog he couldn’t keep them. Now telling my wife that you have grey striped kittens to give away is like giving booze to an alcoholic or free books to a bookaholic! So we went over to look at them and within minutes Ben and Liam were members of our family, that already included five cats! Well, Ben turned out to be quite a character, from  chasing light relecting off of the book I was reading on a Saturday morning to flying across the room to land on the birdcage that hung from the center of our family room ceiling! Poor Mr Crowley! Ben could do anything, but what Ben did best was sleep! Now you say that’s what  cats do most of the time and you are correct, but Ben slept and stayed asleep! My daughter could do anything to that cat while he was sleeping and he still stayed asleep! One spring day Elizabeth said to her mother that her favorite baseball team the Atlanta Braves had a contest each week called “Dress your pet” and you sent in pictures of your pet dressed in Braves paraphanelia and if you were selected you received four free tickets to a Sunday Braves’ game. She asked if she could send in a picture and if she won could we go! Her mother and I said sure why not, thinking there was no way!  The picture on the right is the picture she submitted. All  was fine until one Friday night in August, when I received a call at work from Elizabeth saying that the Braves had called and  Ben had won that weeks contest so there would be four tickets waiting at the “will call window”.  Now there was no question that the four who would be going were the four who watched ESPN 24/7, Elizabeth, Andrew, Nick and myself.  Anyway while I was answering “probably”  which they knew was a yes, Andrew was calling his work and telling them he wouldn’t be in until Tuesday!  We decided that we would leave on Saturday morning stay over somewhere in South Carolina (Gaffney, when we got there) go to the game on Sunday, visit Athens after the game, drive back to Gaffney stay over night and come back on Monday. We took Andrew’s car which meant he drove (since I couldn’t move his seat to accommodate my short legs) but that was ok because it got us there faster! read more