Monthly Archive: June 2012

It’s National Running Day! Did everyone celebrate today with a run?

So I was a little bummed last night that I couldn’t run, but I felt better about it today when at lunchtime I discovered that it’s National Running Day today.! I had gone to Runner’s World to find an inspirational article, but instead found this one!  It’s National Running Day, So Here’s a Video of Us Running in Costumes;

Anyway I did run tonight not in any costume, well none that’s any different from my funky running gear! Hey they help, I don’t think my knees would hold up without the tights, anyway, I don’t want to try and find out if they would. Tonight’s four mile run was pretty good over the first two miles around 19: 30 but then the second two was slower at 20:26 for a total of 39:56, (you’re still building miles Edward, at 60 it take a little longer) read more