Monthly Archive: March 2013

New Age: The Blue Guitar Sessions – Jesse Cook

The Blue Guitar SessionsSo this morning I received a newsletter from the PBS show Echoes about the shows that will be on this week. I was excited when I saw that tomorrow John Diliberto will be interviewing one of my favorite guitarists, Jesse Cook about his new album  The Blue Guitar Sessions. Knowing that I will forget all about listening tomorrow night, I thought I better go listen to the album this afternoon. So I went over to MOG and put it on. Now for those of you who are not familiar with Jesse Cook, Here’s some information from Wikipedia: read more

New to Me: New Age from Todd Boston and Coyote Jump!

OK so like a true junkie who can’t get enough of the drug, I went  searching for new New Age music at lunchtime today! Somehow, and I forget how, I ended up at, I used to listen to Echoes with John Deliberto on WXPN a lot and now most times I forget that it is on at night. Anyway I wrote down the names of several of the artists whose CD have been chosen as CDs of the Month. The list includes: Marconi Union, Theiry David, Todd Boston and Coyote Jump. I gave each a brief listen this afternoon and while I enjoyed them all, the last two Todd Boston and Coyote Jump were my favorites. Todd Boston‘s album is Touched by the Sun. From Todd’s website: read more

Life’s Soundtrack – A Good Run and Some Great New Americana from Ronnie Fauss

So at least it was only a day over a week since my last run, today when I hit the road again. I love that the days are getting longer and longer, it’s almost to the point where I can leave work at 5:30 and still get a run in, in the daylight. Of course that would be easier if I was running a little faster! Today, I set out to up my distance to my usual four miles. I made the four miles averaging around 10:20 per mile pace, with the second to miles being slower than the first two, but that’s to be expected. Overall I am pleased and don’t feel to wiped out! So this morning Jorge Veguilla posted that he burn burned 540 calories doing 31 minutes of “YRG Stand (yoga) I did the calculations and I only burned 496 calories on my run! Maybe, I should reconsider this running thing! Nah! And besides I bet the soundtrack for his yoga wasn’t as good as mine was for my run! read more