Monthly Archive: April 2013

New Age: Johannes Linstead – Tales of a Gypsy

Tales of a GypsyA while back when I was listening to Jesse Cook and exploring flamenco guitarist, i listened to the music of Johannes Linstead. I have heard Johannes’ music before and enjoyed it but for some reasons none of his albums appear in my library and he is not one of the guitarist that I listen to regularly – mistake! Listening again to Tales of A Gypsy I think I  need to explore this great artist’s catalog a little more thoroughly!! As I listen I feel the music and the atmospheres that Linstead creates. Linstead was born and raised in Canada to European parents, he now spends part of the year living in Canada near Toronto and the other part in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. Here’s some information about Tales of a Gypsy from his website: read more

New Age: “Into the Night” with the nouveau-flamenco sounds of Luna Blanca

El DoradoSo a while back, when I was listening to Jesse Cook, The Blue Sessions album, the album finished and MOG radio came on with artists similar to Jesse Cook. One of the groups that caught my ear was Luna Blanca. I listened to their 2007 release, Magic and really enjoyed it. Since then I have listened to their 2012 release El Dorado and the album Live and enjoyed both of them as well! I have since discovered that the group is from Germany and is one of the most popular  nouveau-flamenco groups in the world. Currently, another 2012 release Obsession is at 2 on the Music Zone Reporters’ Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart for February 2013.Luna BlancaLuna Blanca features Richard Hecks (guitar) and Helmut Graebe (piano). On the last three albums, Hecks and Graebe have been joined by rhythm guitarist Bino Dola (flamenco guitar) and Clemens Paskert (bass, percussion and keyboards). read more