Monthly Archive: May 2013

2013 New Age: Impossible Truth – William Tyler

Impossible TruthSo I continued my exploration of the Echoes Top 25 Albums for April 2013 and stopped at Number 6 William Tyler’s album Impossible Truth Tyler is an accomplished young Nashville guitarist and this is a great, distinctive and original sounding album!! Today the music was just basically background music while I was working, but I am looking forward to listening and drifting maybe later tonight! From William’s website…. read more

2013 New Age – Stories from Elsewhere – Rhian Sheehan

Stories from ElsewhereSo this morning I was scouting out new New Age music at the Echoes website. I looked at the Top 25 albums for April and decided to give the album at Number 2 a listen, Stories From Elsewhere by Rhian Sheehan, It was a good choice! The album was labeled as Electronica/Dance at Mog, but I think the electronic part may be correct, but unless your dance is gently swaying, I don’t think it’s dance music! However, the quiet, beautiful music and environmental sounds was perfect to create a nice musical day at work. When I came home tonight, I went looking for information on Rhian Sheehan since I knew nothing about him. Here’s what I found at his website: read more