Monthly Archive: June 2013

New Age – “Into the Morning” with Peter Kater and Nawang Khechog

Peter Kater Nawang KhechogI first heard Peter Kater’s piano coupled with R Carlos Nakai’s Native American flute on the album Honorable Sky and the album quickly became a favorite.

Several years later I picked up the album Karuna by Tibetan artist Nawang Khechog, which I admit to not listening to as often as I should, hum, does that sound familiar! From his website:

Nawang Khechog is first Tibetan Grammy Nominee and the most renowned Tibetan Flutist in the world. He is one of the Tibet’s foremost world music & spiritual music composer and also one of the first Tibetan musicians to be able to break into International music scene with his original and authentic musical compositions ( solo and collaborative albums) to be distributed around the world through ” Sounds True” and other record labels . read more

A Hectic Morning from Overthinking?? – Relaxation provided by Paul Adams’ Flute!

Sleep the dreaming fluteSo this morning was hectic,  my wife needed a $300.00 gift card for a life-long friend who is retiring this years after 35 years of teaching! She told me to check with our bank but that she would call me later. When it got to be after 10 o’clock and she hadn’t called yet, I called she asked, “Why I hadn’t gone yet and that I needed to be back to pick her up at school at 10:45 fearing that I didn’t have enough time to look around I went on-line and typed in Visa gift card location and up popped Bank of America, hum, what better place to get a Visa gift card than Bank of America. So I hopped in the car and frantically drove to BOA, only to be told that they don’t do gift cards!! Well then who does I asked…. “You can try Shop-Rite”  But I said “I want one $300.00 card do any banks do that??” She said that “TD Bank may do it” read more