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Musical Safari to Indonesia – simakDialog – The 6th Story

Yesterday as I was surfing around the Internet, I came across a review at Jazz Archives for a band named simak Dialog and their latest album The 6th Story. As I read the following, I thought wow! This band really fits this blog…a musical safari to the far reaches of Indonesia:

More and more fusion fans around the world are beginning to realize that Indonesia has become a hotbed for fresh and original jazz fusion music. Along with the creativity and energy, there is also a lot of variety to the styles of these bands. Some Indonesian bands play in a style that could come from anywhere on the globe, while others tend to show more influence from their roots in Indonesian music and culture. With the release of their new CD, “The Sixth Story”, simak Dialog gladly shows that they are the band with the most roots culture as they mix gamelan rhythms and structure with a unique take on fusion to create one of the most original CDs to come out this year. Thanks to musical “borrowers” like Steve Reich and Robert Fripp, many people have a mistaken concept of what gamelan sounds like. There is nothing fake or borrowed on “6th Story”, this is the real gamelan; complicated, syncopated, earthy and not for amateurs to attempt. Read more read more

Lunchtime Music – Some Native American Flute from Douglas Spotted Eagle!

Douglas Spotted EagleSo this morning I was  doing a lot of calculations and trying to interpret NJDEP regulations. Therefore, I needed music to keep me focused and calm so that I didn’t pull out what little remaining hair I have!! I turned to the New Age genre and heard music from R Carlos Nakai, Mary Youngblood, illy McLaughlin, and Adrian Legg to name a few. Among the artist was another artist whose specialty is Native American Flute Douglas Spotted Eagle From Wikipedia: read more

Life’s Changes…….. one to come in March 2014!

Oct2003So you know there are monumental times, when your life changes. The day you get married, the birth of your children, the loss of a parent. All of these moments cause your perspective of life to change. When first had to worry about one person, now you think about two, three, four, five or six!! When the last of your parents are gone, and all your aunts and uncles have passed on your position in the universe has shifted and now you are them. As long as they are around you are still someone’s child! read more

Today in Our History………

Edward: Yeah, it was back in 1969 on a farm in upstate New York.500,000 people….. and there were no computers or Internet, we had to go outside and play!!

My wife says soon this song and my stories will be appropriate……..

Andrew and Meaghan plus one

I’ll write a little more later, and certainly in the future’s…… read more