Monthly Archive: October 2013

Thoughts of Tomorrow’s Pending Test and Pie for Breakfast!!

Intelligence TestOk so tomorrow for breakfast, I need something that will ignite my meager mental faculties! You see tomorrow my daughter who is in graduate school at the University of Delaware, majoring in Educational Psychology, will be giving me an IQ test! Somehow I think that is illegal and the results should be confidential between her and me and NOT given to her mother!! I don’t think this is going to end well for me!! One of the things I’ll have to do is to listen to a statement and then repeat it, which is not that bad. But then I will have to repeat it backwards. Let’s try it – backwards it repeat to have will I! Hah, a piece of cake! !cake of piece A…Oh I can see all those analogies now – hand is to glove as head is to oven – is that right!! How about this one! read more

Burnt Belief – Colin Edwin and Jon Durant

Burnt BeliefLast night when my run ended so did the soundtrack of the run The Folk Sinner from Lee Harvey Osmond. As a result,I needed some music for the cool down. I wanted something quiet something to I could zone out to, while I was recovering. I turned to an album that’s been on the iPhone for a while now Burnt Belief from the duo of Jon Durant and Colin Edwin. Jon Durant is a guitarist, a composer and also is the  executive producer of Alchemy Records, where produces recordings for internationally acclaimed artists in his small Massachusetts-based studio. Colin Edwin is a bassist and a current member of the group Porcupine Tree. I liked what I heard and this morning I decided to give the whole album another listen as I continued to work on that Waterfront Development project. read more