Monthly Archive: December 2013

From Riverside New Jersey and the Karn Family – Merry Christmas to All!!


So when I was growing up I had a handmade stocking that had my name Eddie stitched at the top of the stocking. The stocking unfilled is shown on the left. Now several years ago we found the stocking and it was hung with the rest of the family stockings on Christmas Eve. It didn’t take long for son Nicholas to notice that the stocking had a strange message on it when it was hung the opposite way! Not the exact message that you want to send on Christmas!! read more

2013 – New Age Sounds from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins – Found

FoundSo I made a quick stop at the Echoes with John Diliberto’s website this morning and about all I had time for was to check out the album of the month which is Found from David Helpling and Jon Jenkins. After the visit I went to MOG put the album on and the wonderful music of this duo provided a perfect soundtrack for my morning. I think after listening to Found and reading about the music that the two create and the comparisons to other artist I have another all new sub-genre of New Age music to explore. The good thing is that it ties in very well with the symphonic prog music have listened to and like lately!! Helpling is a self-taught musician and composer for film. One of the films Trade Offs, immersed him in the music of India. The score features several guest artists including vocalist Nidhi Bhatmuley David lists Elliot Goldenthal, Edward Shearmur and David Julyan as his favorite film composers, while U2 and Björk afre two of his favorite musicians, . David has also provided several themes, scores and ambient beds for numerous television, corporate and interactive projects. David says this about composing for television  “Creating music for TV is certainly rewarding and streamlines the process in producing my own music.” Helpling’s  debut release, Between Green and Blue, was a finalist for the 1997 INDIE Album-Of- David HelplingThe-Year award. In 1999, David’s second album was Sleeping on the Edge of the World   read more

Me, Myself and Family….. Eli’s Coming and Going! Oh My……..

For her birthday this year, our daughter Elizabeth’s boyfriend Jimmy bought her a kitten, She originally wanted an all black cat, but when she went to the pet store she couldn’t pass up this cute little kitty…..



So Eli came home with her and eventually back to her apartment in Delaware. Eli had been fixed only a few days prior to Elizabeth adopting him and last week he developed a sore around one of the stitches and wouldn’t leave it alone. So Elizabeth took him to the Vet. On her way there Elizabeth had this premonition that the vet would tell her that Eli was actually a girl cat, This had happened to us years ago when Abigail and Lucy went to the vet and came home James and Fenwick!! It wasn’t long after arriving at the vet’s office that Elizabeth was informed by the technician that Eli appeared her to be a girl cat a fact that was shortly confirmed by the Vet!! So Eli became Ellie and to protect her from getting the sore infected she was given a cone, not one of those normal cone but an extra special fancy model…… read more