Monthly Archive: June 2014

Something Different – Edward tries somes drawing – oh my!

And Now for something completely different!

SassafrasLeafThis afternoon I was thinking about the way that I have spent many a day and that would be wandering around woods trying to figure out where that wetlands line goes! As I thought about vegetation, I thought I wonder if anyone else has a favorite tree…or leaf?? My favorite is Sassafras, I like the shape of the leaf and I really like it went I start to dig a shallow soil boring to look at the soil, and I hit a Sassafras root and the sweet smell of Sassafras comes wafting up! read more

Writing my blog is part of my attempt to turn back my biologic clock! Hope it helps you, too!

Over the last several weeks, I've spent a lot of time thinking about the focus of this blog, and believe me that is not an easy thing to do, for someone with many of the symptoms of ADD!! (Hey look, there's Liam our cat maybe I should go play with him!) Ok you get the picture so if you've read this blog you may know that what I do is......

listen to a wide variety of music, then research and write about the musician or musicians read - books, mostly mysteries, but also a variety of non-fiction, as well, as many Internet posts about politics! Then I write about the mysteries and rant about the politics exercise - mostly jogging then write about it usually in combination with the music that I listened to on the run!