Monthly Archive: August 2014

Thoughts about running, the month of August – love it – hate it but sharing it with grandson brings only love!!

The other day on Dorothy Parker’s birthday I wrote a post at Socialstudious about Dorothy and a few of her best quotes were included in the post. One of the ones that I really liked but didn’t include was -“ I hate writing, I love having written!” I will alter that quote  to fit my current opinion about running.” I hate running, I love having run!” Running does bring me happiness and a sense of accomplishment. I’ve never been a great runner but over the last 20 plus years of running, every time I go out and complete a run a little faster than the last run, I’m happy!! Well this year has been an on and off running year. The winter months were too cold, the spring wasn’t bad, and this summer has been hard toget back into a normal running schedule! Which gets me to today, I haven’t run for more than a week, so I thought I’d do a nice easy four mile run over a fairly flat course.As soon as I started, I knew that completing four miles was going to be a chore! After the first mile I decided that I was not going to make the four miles, so I made a turn to convert the run into a three miler. I struggled over the last half-mile thinking several times -yep I hate running – at least at that point – but I kept going, completed the run – and now I love having run!! read more