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Today’s Reads & Playlist: Reasons to Give Up Soda, Drinks for the Brain, and Old Folkies!

So here are two reads that I found over the weekend that I found interesting. It’s funny on one of my last trips to Target I Kidney-stone-no-coke-articalbought green tea to drink at lunch and other times throughout the day instead of soda, particularly late at night after work. Now after reading the first article I’m thinking about cut down on the soda even more!! At least based on the second article I can keep my coffee and maybe add some red wine!! read more

Revisiting Power Foods for the Brain review, leads to 21 Day Vegan Kickstart – Who knows??

Power Foods for the Brain

As I was looking through past posts on Me Myself, Music and Mysteries tonight, I came across this one that I wrote last year after finishing Power Foods for the Brain by Neal D Barnard, MD. I remember being impressed by the book, and it may be time to go back and visit the book again! Meanwhile, I visited Dr. Barnard’s website, then his blog. Then I ended up at the 21 day Vegan Kickstart site and signed up for the program. I figure even if I don’t go all the way, every bit helps! read more

Yesterday, new shoes followed by a good run! Recapping last week and a chart!!

Yeah, it’s September! Football is back both College and Pro, hay fever symptoms are diminishing, i.e. I don’t feel like I could go to sleep at any minute!! Yesterday, with temperatures in the low 70s, I knew I had to run, with that in my mind. I went out and bought a new pair of running shoes! Like I needed them…….

photo (10)

Now, I would love to say that the wear on the shoes was all those miles that I have run, but unfortunately that is not the case. It is more like it is all those miles, that I walk taking care of the market at Target!! read more

This Week’s Cardio – Two Runs – One Ride – Cycling or Running which is better??

So I had a not too bad run on Tuesday covering the same 3.5 mile course as Sunday in a slightly faster time.  Overall, the time was

Cycle Speed by Newsbie Pix - Flickr CC

Cycle Speed by Newsbie Pix – Flickr CC

still crappy, but at least faster, particularly over the last half  mile. Yesterday I decided to do some cross-training and went for a bike ride. I covered almost 8 miles in a little over 30 minutes and felt pretty good at the end.

This morning I felt really good, no pain in my legs and overall I felt better than I have in weeks. Is this because of the exercise and better eating that I’ve been doing over the last week or so, or just because it’s September!! Anyway, since I felt so good I figured why not go for a run today! Mistake!  After struggling through the first mile, I ran a little more and said “The hell with it” and stopped and walked for about a quarter of a mile. I started to run again, felt ok for a while then crappy, so I switched to walking again. I continued that for almost the whole 2.75 miles that I covered. The way I look at it was that I ran some intervals today! Not very fast intervals but intervals never the less. I probably should have not even tried to rum today at all! But maybe what I did is better than nothing at all! We’ll see! read more

Can Following the Seven Steps to leading a Bill Murray Life – help us be happier??


Murray at the premiere of The Monuments Men, 2014 Berlin International Film Festival

Today as I was reading through my Twitter feed I came across this post, I originally saw it when it was tweeted by Salon –7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray. When I looked for it tonight I saw that it was originally posted at on September 7th….From Vulture

….Friday was “Bill Murray Day” at the festival, and it consisted of screenings of Murray classics Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Day, and the world premiere of his new film, St. Vincent, in which he plays a grumpy old man tasked with watching the child of his neighbor, played by Melissa McCarthy. During the Q&A, moderated by Scrooged screenwriter Mitch Glazer, and featuring Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, Murray dropped so many pieces of life wisdom that it seemed only right to gather it into a Bill Murray Guide to Life. (Copyright: us.) read more

Two Runs in Three Days for Me! Way to go Jaden Merrick, and What Time Do You Run?


Jaden Merrick runs 22:26 5K at 6 years old! see below!

So I on Sunday I finally started to run again, well actually I will say at this point I am still jogging! Sunday’s run was a real struggle. First I started out with hopes of running four miles, but after struggling through the first mile  I changed my mind and altered the course I was running, changing my anticipated mileage from 4 to 3 or slightly more. When I did make it to 3 miles, it wasn’t hard to convince my mind that I could make it back home if I slowed down a little more!! I completed the run which turned out to be 3.5 38:10 for an overall pace of 10:49 ugh! read more

Big News! An infinitesimal speck in the Universe slowed his biologic clock a little this week!

Ok so Friday night on my way home from Target I was thinking about what a small speck I am in our vast sea of humanity. One out of 7.2 billion people. Wow, a proverbial grain of sand on an enormous beach!! Needless to say I was feeling kinda’ small!! When I got home I read this post at This is the most detailed map yet of our place in the universe with this picture showing the supercluster that the Milky Way is a part of! The supercluster is called Laniakea!! read more

Almond Milk, Kefir, Organic Milk, which way should I go, which way should I go ?

For a good long while I used soy milk on my cereal in the morning and then I switched back to using regular milk. I know I shouldn’t really be doing that, so I have been thinking about almond or coconut milk. But after reading the following article at Mother Jones this morning I do not think so….

Lay Off the Almond Milk, You Ignorant Hipsters

Almonds are a precious foodstuff: a crunchy jolt of complete protein, healthful fats, vitamins and minerals, and deliciousness. Given their rather intense ecological footprint—see here—we should probably consider them a delicacy, a special treat. That’s why I think it’s deeply weird to pulverize away their crunch, drown them in water, and send them out to the world in a gazillion little cartons. What’s the point of almond milk, exactly? Evidently, I’m out of step with the times on this one. “Plant-based milk” behemoth White Wave reports that its first-quarter sales of almond milk were up 50 percent from the same period in 2013. In an earnings call with investors in May, reported by FoodNavigator, CEO Greg Engles revealed that almond milk now makes up about two-thirds of the plant-based milk market in the United States, easily trumping soy milk (30 percent) and rice and coconut milks (most of the rest).Continue Reading read more

Coffee and Naps are apparently perfect together!!

Ok so  I know it’s not earth shattering or anything but I just read a pretty cool post at concerning coffee and napping. Yes nappingthat is correct the two seem to go well together! Actually the go better together than either one of them do by themselves. It seems the trick is to drink a cup of coffee rather quickly and then take a nap for no more than 20  minutes.  Doing this gives you a boast from both actions!! You can read the how’s and why in this post – Scientists agree: Coffee naps are better than coffee or naps alone!! And here’s an article on napping from the National Sleep Foundation. read more