Monthly Archive: October 2014

Looking Back at Last Month’s Resolutions – This Month Taming Negative Thoughts!!

Okay, so last month I made some resolutions at the start of this blog they actually started as weekly goals, but then morphedFitnessJog into monthly goals. Here are the goals for last month:

  • get back to eating healthier, increase fresh fruit and veggie consumption, i.e. blueberries and strawberries for breakfast, more veggies with diner.
  • start running again!
  • continue to exercise in the morning, either weight routine or yoga
  • work some meditating into my day!!

For the most part I have kept to the resolutions and have made them a part of my daily routines. While my eating has not been perfect, it has been more vegetarian oriented, particularly in the morning and at lunch. I do have dried cherries in the house for snacking this week, along with almonds. Some nights dinners have been vegetarian while others have either chicken or pork as the main dish. I signed up for the 21 day kickstart program from Dr Barnard but so far I have avoided the emails!!! Most days I have been exercising in the morning except for the days this month that I have gone into work at Target at 7 am – Tuesdays and Thursdays! Those two days have become running days along with Sunday and for the last two weeks I have run 3 days per week! Still not moving very fast but overall the runs have been easier! The cooler weather with helps make it so! Finally, meditations have been limited to ten minutes or so at the end my exercising on the days when I do yoga! read more

Running – A Run and Two Walks with a New Running App! Woo Hoo!

me Cross Country036

Me Running High School Cross Country

This week I began my new schedule at Target, I will now be working  two days a week but only until noon and then Friday and every other Saturday night! Anyway it’s a good thing it gets me up , out and moving around and I actually have gotten one regular planned run in on Tuesday and then two unplanned walks in yesterday. I had to drop my daughter’s car off to have some repairs done on it, and rather than have someone from the service station bring me home and then pick me up when the car was ready, I walked the 1.45 miles back and forth! read more