Monthly Archive: November 2014

Thoughts about Running, and a four-mile get-back run – soundtrack by Joe Bonamassa

rp_IMG_12291-237x300.jpgSo as a runner, there’s nothing that gets me more inspired to run, than sitting and watching hundreds of runners of all sizes, and shapes triumphantly crossing the finish line of a race! A friend of mine once said to me that you shouldn’t run a race unless you have a chance to win the race! Well,only a select few had a chance to win any of the races from the 5K to the Half-Marathon in Trenton on Saturday, but every one of those finishers won the battle against their own mind and body. You know that mind that through every mile says “Can we stop now!”, “Boy are you stupid to do this”   and “You call this fun!” But each runner pushed on telling that voice in their head to shut up and most crossed the finish line with arms aloft in victory!!  That’s the thing about running,  it’s just you and the road, there’s nobody throwing a fastball at you at 90 miles per hour that you have to hit, or anyone running at you full speed, who wants to crush you! Nope, it’s just you the road and the clock. You set a goal for yourself maybe a time, maybe a distance you go out try to achieve it, and if you do then you set the bar a little higher, and get set to jump again!! read more

Exploring the Benefits of Walking Start with Jerry Jeff’s “Stoney” walking down that road……

023 010

I first ran into Stoney
It was a bar downtown
Was Richmond, Virginia
We were bumming around

Suitcase to suitcase
We started him talking
Finding out about the things we’ve shared
In the miles we’ve been

He had a gray pillowcase
Full of books by Durrell
And he had this old concertina
All beat up and she played like hell read more

An afternoon with granddaughter Zoe, makes my “happiness” level go up and up!

So taking care of a baby IS like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you don’t forget! So why am I asking this question? Because this afternoon I had to babysit our granddaughter Zoe, by my self!! See daughter-in-law   Missy had a meeting with her advisor at Rutgers, Peter had to work, Elizabeth while off from her school today, she was babysitting Oliver and my wife was working. That left me to help out Pete and Missy!!  So I went right from Target to Pete’s, arriving just in time to get instructions on how to heat Zoe’s bottle, and her eating schedule, before Missy headed out the door. read more

November’s Anti-Aging Goals – Treat My ADD and Tinnitus – More Meditation!

Healing ADDOk so I really haven’t come up with what my exact “happiness” goals are for November but I have been thinking about ways that I can make my life better! The other day, after I reviewed the symptoms of ADD and seeing that I have 21, or 22 if I add the one that my wife said I missed, it really hit me that rather than joking about it, I may really suffer from ADD/ADHD and that if I treat it maybe my life can be a little better. I say a little better because right now it’s pretty good! read more