Monthly Archive: February 2015

Oliver and Zoe – Our Yin and Yang

A Fun Day with Yang Grandson Oliver

I am a strong believer in the duality of both nature and the human spirit, The yin and the yang, light and dark, male and female, Narcissus and Goldmund,, the active and the passive, Can you see where I’m going with this?? If you check, the post prior to this one is about our passive grandchild Zoe.Yesterday was spent babysitting  our more active grandchild Oliver. Included in the  description of yin and yang  at Wikipedia is:the following….. read more

Another Quiet Afternoon with the often Amazing Zoe!

Yesterday, i spent the afternoon with the very quiet, now five month-old Zoe. That quiet part may change though over the next few  months as she becomes more mobile. Somehow though, I still think she will be somewhat calmer than Mr. Oliver.  Kinda’ like difference between Oliver;s father Andrew and Andrew’s sister Elizabeth, Guess which one loved to stand at the top of a wooden sliding board, when he still wasn’t walking and shake it back and forth!! read more

Granddad Babysits a Cranky Zoe – not!

So yesterday I babysat my five month old granddaughter Zoe. I watched her from 12:30 until my son Peter got home around 5 o’clock. When I first got to their apartment, my daughter-in-law Melissa was holding, said Zoe was a cranky baby, who wouldn’t nap! So I thought I was going to be in for a tough afternoon with a cranky baby!! After Missy left I laid Zoe down on her playmate and much to my surprise she did not  fuss and cry. Instead she laid there and played very nicely!! read more

The Schultüte and Thoughts of Dresden

Schultüte – the traditional German School Cone

Sometime last week my wife came across some of my old family pictures and gave them to me to put away One  was a picture of my father’s mother Charlotte Frieda MeyerCharlotte Meyer Report Card. In the picture she is holding a cone that is almost as long as she is tall. So my wife set out to find out, what the cone was.

What she discovered is the cone is called a “Schultüte” (or School Cone). The word “Tute” actually translate more literally as “bag”. In Eastern Germany it is often called a Zuckertute, a sugar bag! The cone was originally made of paper and more recently plastic, read more

Rick Sparks – Endless

Rick Sparks

Rick Sparks – Endless                                                         Quiet Piano to Replenish Your Spirit

Many times I am drawn to an album by the album cover’s art work. That was the case with the album at #7 on the Zone Music Reporters December Chart, Endless from Rick Sparks. The second thing about the album that caught my eye was that the album is a self-release. It seems I’m always drawn to these albums!. Hurrah for the little guy! But it was the quiet,and relaxing beauty of Spark’s piano playing that ultimately made this one of the most enjoyable New Age albums, I have listened to in a while! The tag line on the album reads “Quiet Piano to Replenish Your Soul”and that’s just what it did for me! read more