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Sometimes it’s not Easy Being Oliver!

Or Oliver’s Parents! 

So last night my daughter-in-law posted this picture on Facebook along with this status:


He’s mad because we took away the time out bench (because he was climbing and standing on it) … Ticket for 1 to meltdown city

My wife’s response was: aww he is heartbroken!

My smarty-pants daughter’s response was: Like this!!

Affirmative: was the response from my daughter in law read more

Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter

Deuter’s Reiki Hands of Love – soundtrack for my morning yoga…

This morning I decided to go to Zone Music Reporter to find some music to listen to while I was doing my morning yoga routine.The first album that caught my attention was Reiki Hands of Love from Deuter. It sounded like the perfect album to go with yoga and it was.!But who is this Deuter? Wikipedia tells us that…

Deuter (born Georg Deuter in 1945) is a German new age instrumentalist and recording artist known for his meditative style that blends Eastern and Western musical styles. Read More read more

Psychedelic/Space Rock From Eloy Powers My Run!

Psychedelic/Space Rock from Germany’s Eloy Powers My Run!

So you know that you are listening to a progressive rock album, when you run for 30 plus minutes and when you are finished you are only on the sixth song on the album! Such was the case today, when music from  the band Eloy became the soundtrack for my run. I had spent much of this morning exploring several prog bands.The bands that I explored included Sylvium from the Netherlands, and The Myrrors from Texas. I liked both of the bands. When I went to ProgArchives and read about The Myrrors, I discovered that they were classified as a Psychedelic/Space Rock band This is not the first time that I have liked a band within that subgenre., so I went to ProgArchives again, and this time I read about the Psychedelic/Space Rock  sub-genre which has among its roots the music of Jimi Hendrix, and the Jefferson Airplane, particularly the live performances of these groups. Hum, guess that’s why I like this subgenre! Anyway, I thought I’d checked out a Ocean = Psychedelic/Space Rock from Eloyband or two. When I looked at the top albums of th Psychedelic/Space Rock sub-genre, the first four albums are from Pink Floyd, the fifth album is Ocean from Eloy. The album was released in 1977! From their biography at ProgArchives…. read more

Goals and Resolutions Update: March 28,2105

Updating the Status of My 2015 Goals and Resolutions

While I am still experimenting with my goals and resolution chart that will formally begin at the start of April, let’s recap and see how I have done so far this week keeping my resolutions and/or achieving my goals. This post will only deal with my diet and exercise goals and resolutions.

Goal and Resolutions

Diet: Three meatless days per week, So far I have only been meatless one day this week – Monday. On Thursday and Friday I was meatless for breakfast and lunch. What I need to do for next week is to pick out some meatless main meals that I  can make!! read more

Superfoods and Foods to Boast Brain Power!

A morning spent reading about Superfoods, leads to a trip to the grocery!!

Yesterday morning I spent some time reading two posts at (hey what do you expect from a granddad!) The first one that I tackled (I was going to say digested but I thought, nah!) was the Top 15 Superfoods for people over 50. That post was followed by Food That Could Boost Brain Power. Both apply equally to me, I am certainly over 50 and I need all the brain power that I can get!! read more

This Week in Babysitting – March 15-21!

Babysitting Zoe

Another Fun Week with Zoe and Oliver

Babysitting this week included three days with Zoe and one with Oliver.For two of the days with Zoe, my wife was with me, for the third day my son Nick was there, like you need two people with Zoe!  Now for Oliver, and extra set of hands, or two, or three, would be welcomed!

Babysitting Zoe is a lot like watching paint dry, or the Tour Dr France, you know there’s a lot going on, but it doesn’t seem like it!  Zoe is really observant and takes everything in. She watches her toys very intently and plays well by herself for long periods of time. This week she had her first taste of baby food and loves it! Somehow I don’t think that even at the same age, Oliver would have played the same way with this toy!! read more

Goals and Resolutions a New Chart!

A New Chart to Help Organize My Goals and Resolutions

So I haven’t really written about my anti-aging, or happiness goals and resolutions for a long time. Maybe the reason is that if I avoid making any resolutions, then I don’t have to keep any resolutions!! But if I do that things aren’t going to change, i.e. I won’t be moving forward, rather I’ll just be maintaining the status quo.Anyway, I think that with the start of a new year (see yesterday’s post on Nowruz) it’s time to make some goals and resolutions!. read more

Summon the Wind – Timothy Wenzel

Timothy Wenzel – Summon the Wind

Fantastic electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music.

Timothy Wenzel - composer Summon the Wind

Over the last week or so the latest release Timothy Wenzel Summon the Wind has been in my music listening rotation. I spotted the album on the Zone Music Reported Chart for January where it was at number 6 on the chart. I had previously listened to Wenzel’s 2012 release A Coalescence of Dreams and his 2013 release River Serene and enjoyed both of the albums.According to Wenzel’s website, Wenzel   “writes and plays highly engaging electro-acoustic Contemporary Instrumental/New Age/Celtic music.” From his biography…… read more

Run 3 Rocketing with Rocket Scientists – not!

Run 3 for March a little farther and a little faster – oh boy!

Yesterday, I was able to put off running by telling myself while it wasn’t cold, the temperature was going to hit 61 today so that would be a better day to run ! Today thoughts of putting off the run were still inviting! I told myself, you’re tired from working this morning at Target for the first time in a long time, and you don’t have to babysit Zoe until 3:30 tomorrow, so you could run early in the day! But after a couple of little cat naps between 3:30 and 4:30 I was able to get my body moving and get out the door for run 3 of March! read more

Oliver’s 1st Birthday Highlights the Week!!

Oliver Celebrates Birthday # 1 in Regal Style as befits the “King of All the Wild Things”

So last week’s babysitting went like this – easy Zoe (2 hrs) on Monday, Mister Go-go gadget legs Oliver on Tuesday (10 hrs)and back to Zoe on Wednesday for six hours – actually all of th days were fairly easy! I say “fairly” because with Oliver nothing is ever REALLY easy with Oliver!

The week ended on a high-note though as Oliver celebrated his 1st birthday on a very special Pi day (check out why here) Oliver’s mom and dad went all out and threw Mister Man a great Wild Things birthday party!! Here’s a fact filled post about the King of All the Wild Things!! read more