Monthly Archive: April 2015

Bangs Trimming Can You Relate??

Can you relate to the above?? When were your bangs cut like these!

Yesterday my wife updated her Facebook status using the card featured above with the accompanying tag  “almost every woman I know who grew up in the 1950’s-1960’s can relate to this one lol” So the questions before house today is, was this phenomena restricted to the 50s and 60s or is bangs’ trimming   still going on today!! Did it go on in days before the 50s! read more

Tangentially Running with A Spark in the Aether

Running Soundtrack: The Tangent A Spark in the Aether: The Music that Died Alone Volume Two

Today’s run showed me the value of running at LEAST twice a week. Last week was busy, making it was very easy to put off running. As a result, I have not run in almost 2 weeks. My last run was on Tuesday the 14th. The lack running was not a problem on the first mile, which was run at a pace of 10:24 min/mile. I started to feel it on the second mile, but I made it through that mile at 10:51 min/mile. I think it was at about the 2 and a third mile mark, that I started to struggle, and actually thought about shortening the planned 4 mile run!! But I finished third mile in a somewhat slower 11:13 min/mile,  still not bad. I continued to struggle through the last mile and ended that mile with an 11:51 min/mile pace!! The final overall pace for the run was 11:07, which really isn’t that bad, but  I just missed my goal, which was to run the four miles at under an 11 minute per mile pace. read more

Weekend Update!

This was the Week that Was …..

Here’s a quick weekend update…..You know  I always disagreed with those who somehow thought that being a stay-at-home mom is all bon-bons, talk shows and soap operas. Those who think that somehow it isn’t as hard a “man’s” work day!  And you know it isn’t, as hard, it’s harder!! Last week my wife went with me on the day we babysat Oliver and when we were coming how she said “You know I think that I would have been easier to go to work” Just babysitting Oliver and Zoe is hard enough, if I had to throw in the laundry, cooking and all the other household chores I know that I’d be conking out at about the same time that they do at night!! read more

Moussaka baking,EKK running,Ray Wylie singing

Running with Vegetarian Moussaka baking and Ray Wylie Hubbard on the iPhone

Yesterday after spending almost an hour preparing my vegetarian moussaka……ok time to take a little pause here and say that the recipe came from a book titled The Clueless Vegetarian:A Cookbook for the Aspiring Vegetarian from Amazon….

Moussaka from The Clueless Vegetarian:The Clueless Vegetarian is designed for vegetarians who love good food, cooked from scratch, but also want to have a life. If you’ve just switched to a vegetarian diet, The Clueless Vegetarian gives you the straightforward nutritional information you need to help you make good food choices (without obsessing). Whether you’re a practicing vegetarian looking for some good old fashioned cooking or someone who cooks for vegetarians, this is your guide Read More read more

Yoga first, then Babysitting Zoe this AM!

Morning Yoga then off to sit with Zoe where I hear Wah Yantee from Kundalini Yoga!

Babysitting my granddaughter Zoe this morning. When I got here this morning her grandmom said that she wouldn’t go to sleep, Thought she may have been a little cranky – not!

Zoe after morning yoga!

She played nicely for a while and then she went to sleep about an hour later.(9:30) She’s still asleep an hour and a half later. Now she’s off schedule but she will  be fine. Because I didn’t have to be here until 8:30 this AM, I had time to do a yoga routine. Since I ran yesterday (more on that later) I just wanted to do some simple yoga, so I turned to routine 1 of 3 from Richard Hittleman! read more

Anekdoten Provides the Music for My First Four Mile Run of the Year!!

Anekdoten’s Album Until All The Ghosts are Gone is the soundtrack for a good run!

This afternoon I ran for the third time this week! Yeah me! This is the first time that I have done that in a long, long time! In doing such. I achieved one of my April goals which was to run three times per week, duh! Now I have to match that feat for the rest of the month and beyond!

My first two runs of the week were both 3.1 miles and I felt good at the end of both runs, so I thought it was time to make the weekend run a little longer. I plotted out a four mile course that stayed away from any hills and was different from the courses that I typically have run over the years, I didn’t want to get disappointed, when my time was way slower than it used to be over those familiar courses!! read more

Midwinter – Jon Richards

After Winter Ends I Discover Midwinter by Jon Richards

One of the New Age albums that has been in my music rotation for the last week or so is Midwinter from Jon Richards. The album has been the soundtrack for a run As while as being played while I was reading and doing my morning yoga routine and it has been enjoyed in all those. Jon Richards is a New Age artist whose hometown is Minehead, Somerset in the United Kingdom. Time for a favorite digression of mine – finding out where towns are!! A quick googling of maps ended with this map showing the location of Minehead read more

April’s 2nd Run an Okay 5K (for an old man!)

My plan last week was for Sunday to be a running day. But after working Friday and Saturday night until 11 pm, and having a nice Easter Sunday brunch at my son Andrew’s house, when we got home my body thought differently!. A nap was much more appealing than a 5K run! So the run was put off until yesterday.After a hard afternoon of babysitting Miss Zoe. (Just kidding! It was cake, but she is getting more mobile and potentially may get wilder but i doubt that Miss Calm will do that!) I set out to run! My plan was to run the same route that I had last Sunday. That course is a fairly flat course and, therefore, an easy run. The first mile seemed fairly quick and it appeared that I was on a pace near 10 to 10:15 minutes per mile for a lot of that mile. The second mile was a struggle for the first half, which slightly uphill and okay for the second half which in turn is slightly downhill. Then i just held on through the last mile and did not feel as badly as I did on the prior run, over the last half mile Here are the pace per mile splits read more

Oliver and Zoe and the Easter Bunny!

A Visit to Meet the Easter Bunny Brings Different Reactions from Oliver and Zoe

Oliver and Zo visit the Easter Bunny

So Ms. Yin and Mr. Yang, known respectively as our grandchildren Zoe and Oliver both went to see the Easter bunny. As usual, they both had very different reactions. The calm and cool Miss Zoe maintained her calm and cool demeanor and Oliver was just a little upset, mostly at those big furry hands!   Of course Oliver’s reaction could have been anticipated considering how much he loved Santa! read more

Running with Waiting for the Noise – Sylvium

Sylvium’s Ambient PostProg from the Netherlands Provides the Soundtrack for a Good Run – Waiting for the Noise!

Yesterday was the first really, really nice spring day we’ve had in the Delaware Valley with temperatures climbing into the high 60s, it was a great day for a run. Even though the weather was great, I tried to talk myself out of the run! “You’re tired. Today was the first day you worked at Target in the morning in a long time” I told myself. “Maybe you should just do it tomorrow.”, “you have to go get your holds at the library today” were other attempts to sidetrack the run!! But I did not give in, when I got home I was determined to run, so I thought how about if I plot out a new course! I’ve been running the same course since I started back at the beginning of this month, it’s time for a change!! I plotted out a new course and made it 3.1 miles. I’ve been running 2.8 miles so I should easily be able to get the extra distance!! Now for the music!! I decided some progressive rock would be just the thing and Sylvium a heavy prog band from The Netherlands was my choice! I have been listening to and enjoying their latest album Waiting for the Noise and the fact that it has lots of long instrumental breaks makes it perfect. read more