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Expanding My Morning Yoga

Two Mornings with Yoga Journal‘s 17 Poses to Prep for Mindful Meditation

Yesterday and today my morning yoga routines came from the Yoga Journal website. The other night when I was exploring the website I went to the Meditation Page.In the middle of the page was a post title 17 Poses to Prep for Mindful Meditation The routines in the post are divided by the length of time that you have to exercise. There are three routines for each of the following time periods: 10, 20 and 30 minutes. Yesterday I was pressed for time, so I only did the ten minute routine. This routine consists of four poses and four rounds a round consists of each pose done on both legs and held for the following round one -30 seconds, round 2 and 3 for 10 seconds and round 4 for 5 to 6 seconds. You can check out the poses here. Because I was unfamiliar with a couple of the poses it took me a little longer to complete a round, so I think I only did three rounds instead of the four. read more

AM Yoga & More – Music By Painted Raven

AM Yoga Leads to Thoughts of the 21-Day Yoga Challenge!

So last Friday I thought that I was pretty much over my cold so I went to work at Target. What I found out after spending three hours pouring semi-frozen creamers and milk down the sink so they bottles could tossed was that I wasn’t! Throughout that night and the subsequent days my hacking cough and stuffy nose was still hanging on with a vengeance! On Monday I went to the doctor’s and he thought that a lot off the mucus and nasal congestion was from allergies. Anyway, for most of the week I have been in the netherworld,  not bad enough to be really sick and not well enough to say I’m better. And of course, it has been a busy week: Oliver on Tuesday, Target Wednesday afternoon and yesterday morning and then Target again tonight! .But last night I slept through the night without coughing and today I am not coughing anywhere near as much as I have been and even when I do cough it isn’t that bad!  This morning I have gotten several things done around the house. read more

Saturday Morning Meditation and Exercise

The Meditation Music of Peter Kater provides the Soundtrack 

So this morning I decided that I was sufficiently well enough to do my exercise routine that includes a combination of Kundalini and regular exercises coped with light weights and resistance band exercises. The first thing that I did though before starting the routine was to pick out the soundtrack for the exercises. I chose The Meditation Music of Peter Kater. From Amazon:

Enjoyed in spas and wellness centers across the country, Peter Kater’s original music for the healing arts has become a staple for practitioners in every modality. The Meditation Music of Peter Kater presents tracks chosen by Peter from his Healing Music series and his rich catalog of work that has earned him eight Grammy nominations in the last nine years. Relaxing and expansive, these are pieces ideally suited for formal meditation or contemplative practice of any kind More. read more

Granddad’s Forces Battle a Cold!

…the Cold slows the War against Aging….

So I think that over the last week as I have fought a very annoying cold that my biologic clock has possibly stopped going backwards and started to more forward again! Thankfully, I do believe that it is on its last legs and hopefully be gone or at the very least very minimal by tomorrow!  Due to the cold and feeling crappy, I have not run or really done any hard exercising. Here’s a photo representation of me working out last week. read more

Spiritual Haven – Russell Suereth

Spiritual Haven – Relaxing ethnic instruments and rhythms blended with modern sounds

Richard Suereth - Spiritual HavenThis morning I was looking for music to serve as the soundtrack for my morning yoga routine. (routine 3 from Richard Hittleman) I made a stop at the Zone Music Reporter‘s Top 100 Radio Airplay Chart The album that caught my eye was the number 31 album Spiritual Haven by Russell Suereth. It sounded like an album that would make a good soundtrack for my yoga set, so  I gave it a quick listen,I liked what I heard, but for some reason I didn’t use it, I come back and listen to it later in the morning though, and I think that I will be in my music rotation for a while. Here’s what Steve Sheppard of One World Music says about Spiritual Haven read more

Running with the Empirical Ghost of Lis er Stille

The Run….

So while Elizabeth conquered the Broad Street 10 miler yesterday, I conquered the RG Riverside half a ten miler on Saturday, running five miles for the first time this year!! I had set out to run a 4.2 mile course I call the Harper Loop. I have not run that course yet this year mainly because it has a long ascent up Pancoast Avenue and then another shorter ascent up Fairview to Harper. Followed by a descent and short ascent along Harper followed by a longer descent down Cranberry Lane.  I did well keeping a slower and steady pace knowing that the hills would be a challenge. The first three miles were 10:44, 11:06, and 10:54 beat you can guess where the hills were!! I slowed down on mile four because I hadn’t really run a four miler with hills and I was tired. But when I stabilized my breathing thanks to the rhythms of Lis er Stille, I didn’t feel too bad, so I thought “let’s see if I can go five”, knowing that Lizzie was doing ten on Sunday! At least I could do a half of that!! read more

Elizabeth Conquers the Broad Street Run!

Lizzie Came, She Ran, She Conquered – 2015 Broad Street Run

So the Broad Street Run went pretty well today! We parked in the Wells Fargo parking lot and took the Broad line up to the starting line around the Olney Station. While I rode the high-speed line from Lindenwold into the city back in the 70s, this was my first trip on the Broad St subway, and I believe Elizabeth said itself her first trip on any subway.

Broad Street Run - Yellow CorralLizzie was in the yellow corral, which was the next to last group to start. Since I have never been in a race with this many runners, I was unfamiliar with the starting procedures. The start of each corral was spaced maybe five minutes apart. I always thought that the group moved as one, but your time didn’t start until you crossed the starting line. Instead it’s like having seven smaller races! Unfortunately I missed seeing Lizzie at the start! read more

Saturday Potpouri:Broad Street Run and more….

Broad Street Run, Books, children and grandchildren,  NFL draft, does it get better?

So today has been a busy and very nice day.It started with a trip into Philly to pick up my daughter Elizabeth’!s race packet for tomorrow’s Broad Street run. She will be running down Broad Street tomorrow along with around 39000 other people! She has to be at the start at 7:40 for the 8:00 start. Since there is no parking for 40000 people at the street we have to park at the Sport’s complex and take Septa to the start and then I will have to travel back by Septa to the finish at the Navy yard! I don’t know if I will go all the way at once or go half way and wait to see her and then go to the finish. The question is will I be able to see her among the crowd of runners! Anyway it should be interesting. Wish us luck!  Oliver sent his advice to Aunt Lizzie via his talented mommy!! read more

Randy Raine-Reusch: World Multi-Instrumentalist

Randy Raine-Reusch – Plays an Amazing Array of World Instruments        

Born : May 2, 1952

 As I looked down the list of jazz musicians who are celebrating their birthdays today (May 2nd), I saw the name Randy Raine-Reusch a multi-instrumentalist. Since I am always interested in multi-instrumentalists I clicked on his name to find out more about him and I saw several pictures of Randy playing some very strange-looking instruments.One of them that interested me was this one… hum?? What instrument is that?  As I explored more I discovered that….. read more