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Xavier Quijas Yxayotl and Kundalini – Go Together!

Kundalini Kriyas – To Master Your Domain and For A New Energy Balance

So I did in fact start my morning yesterday, using my new Seconds circuit timer on my Kindle Fire to provide the times for my morning Kundalini yoga session. I did the :To Master Your Domain” kriya again and the timer works great. I can move easily from one movement to the next within the 15 second rest period, I set between each exercise’. And the nice lady even informs me which exercise I am doing! Never once did  see say “calculating you’re doing the wrong exercises bozo!”. I even know now how long the set takes 26:45 with the rest periods included!! read more

To Master Your Domain – AM Kundalini

The Kundalini Kriya: To Master Your Domain – Soundtrack Peter Phippen!

and the Kindle App that ruined the Moment!

This morning I decided that I was going to do the Kundalini kriya “To Master Your Domain” as my morning exercise. The various poses and movements are all done for different durations. The first set of  leg raises for four minutes, then alternating leg raises for two minutes, the next for four minutes and so on, I usually use the timer on my phone, but lately I’ve used a simple timer on my new Kindle Fire mainly because the numbers are bigger (and it’s a new toy). Friday I bought an interval timer ,well, I didn’t by it, it was free. Anyway, it was ok for doing a set interval, resting, and then doing the same set interval, but I wanted to vary the interval lengths. The app said that you could create extended training sessions which I figured out how to do, but after I created the set, I couldn’t recall it or use it. After wasting 30 minutes or more trying to figure out how to use it I gave up and used my watch to do the kriya. read more

Kundalini Yoga Leaves Me with Sore Legs!!

Kundalini  in the Afternoon leads to Some Sore Legs! No Pain, No Gain!!

As I was walking around at work at Target this morning, I realized that my legs were feeling good, the hurt was gone! What hurt you say? Well it was a good hurt that comes from doing a difficult exercise! A difficult exercise you say, but you have just been doing yoga!! You are correct, grasshopper, But Tuesday I decided to do a Kundalini kriya. I looked through Kundalini Yoga: as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Unlock Your Inner Potential Through Life-Changing Exercise.  by Shakta Kaur Khalsa and picked the kriya For Physical and Mental Vitality. I remembered it as a shorter Kundalini kriya that i liked. The kriya consists of 5 exercises 1) Criss-cross 2) Push-Pull 3) Breathe and Stretch 4) Light Energy 5) Relax. Overall, the kriya was great from number 2 onward!!  Yes the criss-cross did me in – the criss-cross starts laying on your back, you then raise your feet about a foot off of the ground and proceed to begin to criss- cross-cross your legs left over right and then left over right, inhaling as they cross exhaling as they spread – piece of cake right!  It seems that way but the kicker is the time that you spend crossing those legs  2 to 5 minutes!! I kinda made it to 2 minutes and my legs felt it immediately and did for two days!! But the hurt was a good hurt and this afternoon and this evening my legs have felt pretty good. This afternoon I took a 30-minute slow walk around Pennington Park in Delanco, NJ!! So the question now is should I do the Kundalini kriya again tomorrow – I think maybe!! read more

Dean Evenson Provides Soundtrack for AM Yoga!

AM Yoga: Mindful Meditation Prep and Hittleman Routine powered by Music from Dean Evenson!

Today I babysat Oliver, so I made sure I started my day with some yoga. The set that I did included four of the poses from 17 poses to prep for meditation. The poses include: high lunge and three poses that are variations of the warrior pose. Warrior pose II, Reverse Warrior and the Humble warrior variation. I realized later in the morning that all of these poses target the legs! Which in addition to preparing for Mindful Meditation also makes them great for a day of chasing and walking with Oliver!! We probably went about 3 miles today in the stroller! Three Walks around Paulsboro!! In addition to those four poses each held for 30 seconds, I also did each of the poses from the first set of Richard Hittleman routine that I have done forever. I only held each of those poses for 10-15 seconds. Overall, I think the yoga put me in a good mood and helped improve my dad with Oliver – although I believe that Oliver’s disposition today had a little more to do with our day than yoga!! read more

Happy Father’s Day – June 21, 2015!

Father’s Day – A Time to Honor and Remember Dad!

Good Morning World and how is everybody on this fine June 21, 2015. Today Father’s Day is celebrated in the United States and many countries worldwide. So Happy Day to Father’s Everywhere!. The featured photograph at the top of this post in my dad and me at the Trenton State Fair in 195? My Dad Edward Henry Karn, Jr.was born on June 23rd of 1924. This time of year is when I think about my dad  the most, not only because of Father’s Day and his birthday, but because through my high school and colleges years we spent many hours together in the summer. During those years, my dad ran his own trucking business carrying produce mostly corn and peaches to New York and north Jersey. We also delivered peat moss to various landscaping stores throughout South Jersey. Anyway through those years I was his helper and I’ll tell you we worked hard, but then that’s what he did for most of his life! He passed away at the age of 60. like his father, he died of a heart attack. Both of my first two sons were born before he passed away, but since Nick was only five and Andrew two they never really knew him and that of course makes me sad  I know what it like to have only vague memories of your grandfathers since mine passed when I was two and five years old!! Anyway Happy Father”s Day Dad and by the way……. read more

It is Really All About Your Kids!

As a Parent, You Want to Take Care of Them and their Kids Forever!

Several years ago, we were in Virginia either taking my daughter Elizabeth to school or visiting. Either way we were driving down the main drag in Williamsburg when we received a phone call from the home were my mother was living. The home was requesting my permission to take away her phone, Mom suffered from Parkinson’s disease and the medication she was taking often left her with very real delusions. These delusions often resulted in her thinking that people came in buses to take residents from the home to Ohio, She luckily had not been among those chosen to be removed! Other delusions included a fear of being arrested because one of the nurses hid cocaine in her stuffed monkey. At the time of the phone call, she believed that one of the male residents was out to kill her and that night she had called 911 because he was in her room!! Needless to say, there was no man, but the home still had to call me to get permission to take her phone to avoid any repeats of the mess she created read more

Exercise Scheduling – A Good Thing for ADD Me?

Renaissance Granddad creates an Exercise Schedule – Will it Work??

Over the last six months I have discovered that having a projected list of books that I plan to read each month has kept my reading more focused. And while I have changed some of the books during the month,alternating them as new books become available from the library etc, overall I have read more and even finished the majority of what I planned on reading!

SO!  I thought maybe an exercise schedule would be a good thing for a person, who just may suffer from ADD! With that in mind I sat down this morning and made an exercise schedule! read more

To Master Your Domain – Kundalini for a Good Morning!

Ed-Date 23,263 (63 years, 8 months, 9days)

Morning Exercise: Kundalini Yoga – To Master Your Domain

So this morning I decided not to do the routine I have been doing for the last several days the 20 minute version of 17 Poses to Jump-Start Your Day from Yoga Journal. I reverted back to an old Kundalini favorite, “To Master Your Domain“. I like the Yoga Journal routine but it didn’t seem to be giving me that added boost I get from some other routines.You can check out  – Master Your Domain with Anne Novak at the bottom of this post The routine includes: read more

A Somewhat Trying, Long……but still great day with Oliver!

Isn’t Everyday with a Grandchild?

So today started off a little shaky, I woke up at a 3 minutes before 6 o’clock, which is about 27 minutes later than I usually get up on a morning that I am babysitting Oliver. As a result, I had to run around feed the cats, make my lunch and gather my stuff, which meant I didn’t have time for a short yoga routine. I was looking forward to yoga, because last week it seemed to do a good job getting me in the mood for a fairly strenuous day with my grandson. The picture at the top of this post gives you all an idea of what babysitting Oliver may be like.His mother posted on my Facebook timeline the other day……Asking: Does this remind you of anyone?? read more

Yoga and New Age Music – Yeah!

Morning Yoga plus Afternoon Yoga with New Age makes for a good day!!

This morning I worked at Target from 7 to 12, but before work I did do the 10-minute yoga sequence associated with the Yoga Journal’s 17 Poses to Jump-Start Your Day.I was able to do  the five poses that make up this sequence a little easier this morning yesterday. Tomorrow  I will have more time in the morning because I don’t work  until tomorrow night, so I plan on doing the 20-minute version sequence that version adds 5 more poses, bringing the total routine to 10 poses! read more