Monthly Archive: July 2015

Grammie and Granddad Babysit Zoe……….

.…..and have a great two days with Zoe, can’t wait for the next two (Monday and Wednesday)  with Oliver!!

My son Peter and his wife Melissa spent an anniversary weekend in Boston this Friday and Saturday, so my wife and I go to spend some extended time with our granddaughter Zoe. While Miss Zoe is a lot more active now that she can get around on her own, she is still a sea of calm compared to the whirling dervish that is grandson Oliver.

It’s fun watching her play, she takes in everything very seriously and plays well by herself. The bad thing about yesterday was that she didn’t want to nap. She shortened her morning nap from two hours to about 45 minutes and then she shortened her afternoon nap to about 30 minutes. Even with not sleeping though, she was still pleasant and we had a great day. read more

Zoe turns 10 months – Oh My!

The Ever Quiet Zoe is getting a little  Fiesty at 10 Months!

So over the last little while I have posted more about my grandson Oliver, than my granddaughter Zoe. The main reason for that is Zoe’s mom Melissa left her job several months ago and I haven’t been babysitting Zoe twice a week like I was back in the winter. My wife and I see her at least once a week, or so, and she is a wonderfully happy little girl. She is standing by herself now, and walking several steps,all with the small great smile she has always had. Every month her mother has posted a picture on her monthly anniversary. As a sign of growing independence Zoe wasn’t much interested in having having her picture taken last month….. read more

More Walking Adventures of Oliver and Granddad!

Oliver and Granddad Explore the Northern End of Beacon Avenue!

So yesterday was an interesting day of babysitting with our grandson, Oliver. The morning was rough because it rained most of the time. While the rain didn’t bother Oliver, granddad was not amused. The first walk which was shortened, because of the rain, was the better of the two, because the rain was lighter. On the second walk the rain was heavier, and I tried to push the stroller and hold the umbrella , which didn’t work out too well. The later walk would have been the one on which he should have fallen asleep, but as he was screaming, not in a bad way, when we were walking back up his street, I knew that was not to be!! He held out until almost noon, when he couldn’t go anymore and he rocked to sleep to “Uptown Funk”, but when I put him in his crib, he popped back up and I had to lay him on my chest until he fell more deeply asleep!!! read more

Turning Back My Biologic Clock – A Mid-July Check-up!!

July Update – Grading My Attempt at  Turning Back my Biologic Clock through

Exercise and Diet?

So this past week I have been challenged in my attempts at turning back my biologic clock and the next two weeks it appears will be equally as challenging. This past week I added an additional day of work at Target and will be working Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturdays from 7:000 am to – and this is where it becomes challenging – 2:30. Seven hours! Then add a day babysitting  Oliver and it’s almost like I have a full-time job again! This past week was the first week that I worked two days until 2:30 and by the end of yesterday, I was really beat!! I have been doing a pretty good job in keeping up with my morning exercising, but the mid-day and evening exercise periods have taken a hit! Additionally, because of work and the summer heat, I have not been able to get myself motivated to start running again!! read more

Oliver and Granddad Walk Around Paulsboro….

Actually, Oliver Rides and Granddad walks and walks and walks……..

So, I pretty much think that when they say that you should walk 3 times a week for thirty minutes a walk,that they don’t mean do it all in one day!!  That’s what I did yesterday as grandson Oliver and I took five, count them, five walks around his Paulsboro neighborhood!

When the day started  Oliver seemed tired, and we made it all the way until about 8:30 before he wanted to go for a walk. My wife and I arrived at 8 by the way! So off, Oliver and I went. The walk lasted about thirty minutes and we visited the dogs both real and statues on Greenwich Ave, along with the house with the elephant statue in the front yard! read more

This Week in Yoga – End of the Week Update

The Yoga  – “The Essence of Self”  and Kundalini/Weights and More

So the last time I chronicled my adventures in Exerciseland was Tuesday night June 30th. On morning Tuesday, I missed my yoga, but I did do the Kundalini kriya “For A New Energy Balance” in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening i’ did a quick very relaxing kriya called “Movement”.to prepare for the non-stop movement of a day babysitting of Oiiver! I also created a circuit timer for the kriya “Essence of Self”, the length of the kriya is around 15 minutes so it was a perfect fit for the time I had on Wednesday morning. read more