Monthly Archive: August 2015

Kori Linae Carothers’ Music and a four mile run ….

….Perfect Together

The Morning Run……

So if there ever was a morning that had a good excuse for not running, today was it! We babysat Oliver last night and didn’t get home until 1:30 this morning!! While I knew it would be hard to get up at 7 to run this morning, I thought well maybe 7:30 would work. When the alarm went off this morning I thought “Do I really want to do this?” The answer was less than a resounding yes!  But at least it was a yes! The more  I thought about it I thought well I will be running tomorrow – that will be ok!  No – I said today was to be your long day – it doesn’t matter how fast you go, you just have to make it happen – so just do it!! My pre-run routine was the same as Friday, except for the head smack because today was not a Kundalini/Weights day, so doing the Meditation Preparation Routine was fine!! read more

Two Fun Afternoons With Miss Zoe

Babysitting Miss Zoe while Father Pete Went Off to the Doctors

This week my son Peter had two doctor’s appointments for his recent bouts with pain in his upper abdomen. The pains sent him to the hospital and left the doctors scratching their heads. All of his major organs look fine i.e.gall bladder, kidneys and liver. The initial diagnosis was pancreatitis. On Tuesday, he had an endoscopy and Thursday he had an appointment with a urologist. Since his wife Melissa went with him, we were happy to step in and watch Miss Zoe. read more

A Special 40th Anniversary Night!!

The featured picture at the top of this post was taken from the rear of the Beverly Presbyterian Church on August 23, 1975 the night Kathleen Anne Clarke and I were married! It is hard to believe that 40 years have passed since that night! They always say that time flies when you’re having fun and for the most part we’ve had fun, oh we’ve had our share of sorrows, the deaths of our parents, particularly Kathy’s mother who died at the age of 48 from breast cancer, losses of favorite Aunts and Uncles, but those sorrows have been more than made up for by our four children, although much of the fun was at the expense of Dad, now that fun comes from our grandchildren Zoe and Oliver. read more

Pantommind’s Progressive Metal Fuels a Good Run

So this morning I woke up feeling kinda stiff, but I guess that is what you should expect as one approaches 64. I knew that a run was on “my schedule” but so was yoga. I decided that I was going to do my Monday morning routine of Kundalini mixed with some weights and band exercises. As I did those exercises, I started to feel better and better, so thought well just maybe I COULD run!! I also thought it would be pretty bad to extol the virtues of scheduling and then skip a run the second day it’s on my schedule!!  I decided yes I would run!! read more

A New Habit a Morning Run ignited by Scheduling

Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before leads to a run and scheduling!

When I got up this morning, I had every intention of doing my Kundalini/Weights routine that I have been doing every Monday and Friday. But as I sat at the computer looking at the new music released this morning, up popped a reminder that I was scheduled for a run between 8 and 10 this morning! The reason that the memo appeared was that this week I have been reading Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives the latest from Gretchen Rubin. read more