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Christian McBride’s Trio Powers a Sunday Run

After a Tiring Friday and Saturday….

The Prelude

So last week ended a little differently than normal. I babysat Oliver on Friday instead of Wednesday. hen we babysat Oliver again on Saturday while his mom and dad did some repairs to their house, that little hands could not help with!! Friday was a rough day because Mr. Man was having such a good time he decided he did not need to nap more than the five minutes he slept in the stroller! I knew I should have avoided that truck parked in front of the school!! Luckily, my oldest son Nick came to help and I was able to eat my lunch and even close my eyes for a few minutes. Anyway, like the energizer bunny Mr Oliver kept going and going as Nick and I wore down and down. By the time I made it home, I ate some pizza read for a few minutes, fell asleep, woke up fell back to sleep and finally went to bed by 10:30 knowing that I had work at Target on Saturday morning followed by an afternoon and evening with Oliver. read more

Two Runs and Some New Things!

Monday and Wednesday Runs – New Exercise and Music!

The Runs

So this week’s running goals are the same as last week. A 5K on Monday, to recover from Sunday’s long run, a 4-mile run on Friday – no wait – I can’t run on Friday because this week I will be babysitting Oliver on Friday! So I will need to change the “schedule” and pencil in a four-mile run for Wednesday and a walking day on Friday!! And well that’s just what I’ve done! read more

A Six-Mile Run (First of the Year!) Blues by D.L.Duncan

I needed that six-mile run to go over 12 miles for the week!!

My running goal for last week was to run more that 12 miles, so yesterday’s run needed to be over 6 miles! As I plotted my course, if I am going to go over 6 miles I should just make it a 10 K or 6.2 mile run. My morning yoga routine was the meditation prep routine that seems to be doing the trick as a pre-run warm-up on Sundays. The way my yoga is set up now is I do the Kundalini/Weights/Bands on Monday and Friday and the second yoga set from the Richard Hittleman book I read years ago as day after stretches on Tuesday and Saturdays. I also do the meditation preparation routine to prepare for my day with Oliver. That day usually includes two or three thirty-minute walks around Paulsboro! read more

Music from Jerry Jeff Walker Powers A Fine Morning Run!

The Run

This morning when I woke up I felt pretty good and there was no question that I was going to run, My pre-run exercise was my Kundalini-Weights routine followed by a 10-minute meditation, The music for both was Illumination of the Heart the latest release from New Age artist Deuter. The album has been in my rotation for over a week now and has been a soundtrack for yoga/meditation and also a run. When I finished my yoga and changed into my running clothes, I weighed myself and was shocked at a weight of 170 lbs! Down about 3 to 4 pounds from when I started running a month ago! read more

Miss Zoe Celebrates Her First Birthday!

Mom and Dad Throw Zoe a Wonderful Rainbow Birthday Picnic….

So each time one of my children’s birthdays roll around I joke that I feel like another year older and it’s not even my birthday. Well this year with birthday celebrations for my grandchildren Zoe and Oliver the number of days per year that I feel another year older has soared to seven – if I include my own birthday!! Luckily, unlike a dog I still only age one year at a time and not seven!! read more

Forest Field – Angels? And Another Four Mile Run

The Melodic Prog Rock of Forest Field Makes Another Four Mile Run Easier!

The Week

So this week has been a busy and stress filled week. Tuesday was a normal work day at Target,but on Wednesday things got a little upsetting. On Wednesday morning, when I arrived at my son Andrew’s house to babysit Oliver, Andrew was still there and wasn’t dressed for work. With my Spidey senses working overtime I asked :Is everything all right? Andrew’s response was no and that he wasn’t going to work. I questioned “Am I staying?” Yes! Soon Andrew and Meaghan were off to Urgent Care. Back in the early winter last year Andrew had severe pains in his lower chest and  upper abdomen but he took some pain medication, the pain went away, and the doctor really didn’t know what the cause was! More recently my third son Peter had the same pains, he ended up in the hospital with an initial diagnosis of pancreatititis. After an endoscopy he was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia. read more

Want to Be -Better Than Before? Gretchen Rubin Tells Us How!

Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives – Gretchen Rubin

An alternate tag line that would fit this blog is trying to be better than before! That’s my goal to try to make myself better than before! So when I saw that Gretchen Rubin‘s latest book was to be titled Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives I couldn’t wait to read it! I think that I began reading self-help books at least as far back as college and maybe even earlier. I’ve read the likes of Dale Carnegie,  Wayne Dyer, Depak Chopra and Stephen Covey and still I have the same problems of making changes or forming habits that last. Like Wiley Coyote I keep chasing the perfect me and I keep running right off that cliff or into that mountain. But I think that may change now thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s book which was the 36th book I’ve read in 2015 and maybe the most important!! See I don’t know if any of the books that I have read before answer the question that is at the core of Better Than Before and that is How Do We Change? Gretchen’s answer – by using habits! From Better Than Before: read more

Four Mile Runs on Friday and Sunday! Oh My!

Two Four-Mile Runs Boast the Weekly Total Over 10 miles per week! Yeah!

Today’s run brings the total miles that I’ve run this week to 11.1 miles. This is the first week in a very, very long time that I have been over 10 miles per week! Through the years I have typically averaged between 13 to 15 miles per week. I generally ran four miles twice during the week and then 5 to 8 miles on one of the weekend days. But over the last couple of years I have had trouble running three days a week. I always found a way to skip one of the days and many times it was the long run that was skipped! My goal next week will be to run 5 to 6 miles on Sunday!! read more

Oliver Visits the Sheep Farm Again!!

Babysitting Oliver Tomorrow – Is it Back to the Sheep Farm Again?

So tomorrow it’s back to babysitting Oliver solo, well at least for the morning, Through July and August both my wife and I have been babysitting Oliver on Wednesdays, with the reserves Elizabeth and Nick coming in the afternoon. But my wife started back to work today and Elizabeth started working at her new school job (her last year in her Masters program working a year in a school) last week, so all that’s left is me in the morning and Nick and I in the afternoon. I am sure everything will go fine, a lot of times he is better when there are fewer people around, i.e. there is less to get him stimulated when it’s just DA! read more

A Slow Run with the Cool Jazz of Terell Stafford

The Run……

Yesterday I started my week pretty well. I had run my first four mile run on Sunday, so I wanted yesterday’s run to be a shorter and slower recovery run. One of the things that I’ve never been able to do is run slower. I always want to go out and run faster than my previous run!  But now with age comes the wisdom to run slower, hell no it’s just a hell of a lot easier to slow down with age!! I just wanted to run around 3 miles at a comfortable, I can talk to my invisible partner, pace!! It was a little warmer yesterday morning, but the good thing was that it was partly cloudy!! Once again I decided that I would create a new course. I wanted to add a hill into the course, so I plotted a course that would take me up Pancoast Avenue starting around the mile and a quarter point in the run. The elevation on Pancoast goes from about elevation 20 to close to elevation 100 so it’s not a gigantic hill but it’s all I have! The good thing about running up hill is that you eventually get to come down the other side and I did, from around the mile and three-quarter mark to 2 and a half miles wa s down hill, and is of course my favorite part of the run. A secondary reason that I chose to run up Pancoast is that it is shaded. Actually, during the run I discovered that the street is not as shaded as it used to be! Many of the trees have been cut down I assume to protect the power lines. read more