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Update:Two Runs, Music From Armik and Stubblefield!

The Guitars of Jim Stubblefield and Armik Power Two Runs!

The Run – Sunday October 25, 2015

So the last two runs I need to catch you up on are from Sunday and Tuesday of this week. I didn’t get to run on Sunday until almost five o’clock and since I knew the sun would be setting a little after six o’clock and I was a little tired I decided not to run a full 10 K! The first three miles of the run were great the splits were: Mile 1 – 10:00/mile. Mile 2 10:07 /mile Mile 3 10:09 / mile. I started to struggle a little on mile four with the pace dropping to 10:14 /mile. Then the bottom fell out on mile 5 with the pace dropping to 10:42 / mile. Since my overall time was close to an hour I decided that was when I would stop!. The overall distance was 5.80 miles at an average pace of 10:20 /mile. Which is really good! The other good thing was my maximum heart rate on the run was 152 beats per minute (bmp) and the average was 148 bmp. read more

Encantado – Jim Stubblefield

Jim Stubblefield

Encantado – Showcases Jim Stubblefield’s Guitar Wizardry!

So last week while I was reading Richard Laymon’s No Sanctuary I was also listening to Encantado  the latest album from flamenco guitarist Jim Stubblefield. I stumbled on Stubbefield’s music on a trip a few years ago to the Princeton Record Exchange. On that trip I bought his 2007 release Inspiracion and really liked it. I haven’t listened to it enough lately though, I used to listen to a lot of flamenco guitar when I was writing reports at Lippincott, which I haven’t been doing at all lately!! Anyway I went to Spotify and was going to listen to Inspiracion but then I saw that Stubblefield had released Encantado so I gave that album a listen and I am a bigger fan of Jim after giving the album several listens!! This morning I listened to some of the album on my way back from a shopping trip to Target and then this afternoon it was the soundtrack for my hour-long run!! read more

Run # 2:FitBit & Guitar Summit Join for a Great Run

The Run # 2 – Fastest of the Year!!

The Fitbit

This year Target has teamed with Fitbit to provide the Fitbit clip to Target Team members free. Fitibit also provided discounts on other Fitbit products. I debated on getting the free clip or the Charge HR which is a wrist band unit and has a heart rate feature. But since my old heart rate unit is a watch and band that goes around your chest and is not really working well (on the last run my heart rate went over 212!!) the debate didn’t last very long! Well, the Fitbit arrived today so even though I don’t feel 100% (my throat is still a little sore and I have a cough) there was no way I wasn’t running today!! read more

Seventies Favorites Power My First Real Run??

 The Run …..#1??

This week I had to adjust my running schedule. Over the last two months the two week days that I run on are Monday and Friday because I am off on both of those days, This week though I had to babysit Oliver on those days, so I decided that the only two days that I could run were Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I figured I could work until 1 and then come home rest a little and then run at four or five o’clock! It turned out that the orders were small on both of those days and I was able to get out of work at 12 on both days. read more

Since Ever’s Prog Rock Powers a Four-Mile Run

So after babysitting Oliver on Monday and then working yesterday at Target, I was a little tired yesterday and it was one of the two days I can run this week. After work I seriously thought about skipping the run, but on a quick shopping trip my wife asked if I was going to run. I said, “I’m thinking about it!” Hum, did she read my post or did she just assume that it was a day I could run?? Either way it kinda sealed the deal that I was going to run!!I decided that I would run 4 miles, but over a course without a hill! So once again I carved out a new four mile course over the familiar streets of Riverside and Delran. read more

The Winery Dogs highlight a busy week…..

The Week in Review…..

So things have been a little hectic around here lately. Last week I was able get my Monday run in, but then things got very busy. I worked my normal shift at Target (7 am to 1 pm) and then shortly after dinner we got a call from my son Andrew, his mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital with problems stemming from her diabetes. They needed me to come down and stay with Oliver until they got back from the hospital. I didn’t have to do much because by the time I got there Oliver was asleep and I didn’t hear a peep from him all night. Andrew and Meaghan got home near 12 which was not a problem because I was spending the night, since I was babysitting Oliver on Wednesday! read more

Andrea Brachfeld’s Flute powers a Sunday Run

The Run – 10 K – 6.2 Miles

So I have been slacking off on posting what’s happening not because nothing is happening but because I am just being lazy. Not physically, just bloggingly! Is that a word? I think not! Anyway, Thursday and Friday of last week were rainy as we prepared to be soaked from hurricane Joaquin which thankfully turned out to sea and left Saturday and Sunday rain free. As a result, I missed my first Friday run in more than a month, but I did get in my Sunday run. After the hurricane passed, the temperatures tumbled into the low 50s on Sunday morning. When I got up Sunday, I had a headache and felt kinda crappy. But I did my pre-run yoga, and  took some Excedrin and headed out. Over the first mile. my head was pounding and then when I tried to switch my phone from left to right it fell to the ground. I was almost ready to turn around and head back home, but I slogged on and by the end of the second mile, I felt pretty good. read more