Monthly Archive: December 2015

RGranddad’s Merry Christmas!

Time with Family + Thoughtful Gifts = Merry Christmas for RGranddad

So wow, a whole week has gone by with nary a post from RGranddad!! But then it was a rather a busy Christmas Week! Monday I babysat Zoe for a little while, it would have been longer because Dad Peter was home sick, but while he still felt bad, he said he could watch Zoe. So I went home and brought the tree in to start setting it up. Later, we went back so that Grammie could visit with Zoe! Tuesday and Wednesday I worked at Target and then Thursday was Christmas Eve and, of course, Friday was Christmas. read more

Granddad Tries a Tabata Workout!

A Rainy Day leads Granddad to a Tabata Workout and He survives!!

Must not have been a good one, eh??

I skipped out on running on Tuesday and then it was raining on Thursday so once again being the fair weather runner that I am I copped out that day, too, Consequently, I haven’t run since last Sunday!! I did get a couple of walks with Oliver on Wednesday and one on Friday. And of course I am in constant motion on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Target, I manage to get about 10,000 steps in a five-hour shift filling those freezers and coolers, along with the bakery goods!! read more

Acoustic Alchemy Kicks Off a Morning Guitar Mix

Blue Chip and the Music of Acoustic Alchemy

So long ago and not so far away, before the iPhone and and Spotify I most would burn my music to CDs and listen to my CD player through the car radio. Last night as I was moving things around I moved an old CD case with some odd CDs in it. One of the CD was marked MIx One – New CDs,and the date was 12/31/2002! So now that I have a car radio that can play MP3 CDs I decided that the songs on that CD would be the soundtrack for this morning’s commute to babysit Oliver. read more

Granddad tackles his Cholesterol Levels….

and discovers why even though he was running those pounds weren’t melting away!

So last week after I looked at the results from my recent yearly blood testing, I decided it was time to get back to eating better. Over the last many months while my diet has not been horrible, there have been certain things that have been missing. First, the strawberries, blueberries and walnuts! Most days I used to have cereal with blueberries, oatmeal with extra raisins and walnuts or vanilla yogurt with strawberries and walnuts for breakfast, but somehow I stopped that many months ago. Lately two days a week my breakfast has been sausage egg and cheese on a croissant shared with Oliver (he eats mostly the croissant). Hum, they may just have a tiny effect on my cholesterol levels!! Those and the Sara Lee Chocolate Cupcakes and the Chips Ahoy Cookies I may occasionally gobble down don’t help either!! You get the point, it’s time to start eating better!! read more

Donald Byrd + Junior Wells’ Music = Great Run!!

The Run – Harper Loop – 4.25 miles

So how could I not run when the temperature is in the  60s in December! I was waffling earlier yesterday afternoon, but I did finally decide that the weather was just to nice to pass up! I decided that I would run the Harper Loop. I figured that the run up Pancoast would be a good  training challenge, but the main reason was that I can complete the run without crossing any main roads. read more

Granddad has his Yearly check up…..

And Some Dietary Changes May Be in Order…..

So this week I finally got around to having my yearly EKG and blood work done. I am only about three months late in doing so! Part of the reason is that I know, that I while I have been running and walking, I really haven’t been eating, as well as I have in the past. Unfortunately, the test results have confirmed my suspicions! While the numbers are still acceptable and result in a below average risk, I still want them to be better. read more