Monthly Archive: January 2016

The Dash Diet and Yoga Highlight the Week!

Even With a Cold Babysitting, The Dash Diet and Yoga Make it a Good Week!

So having a wicked cold and babysitting all week does not mix well with trying to blog .I think that the cold had more to do with it than babysitting because three out of the four days I babysat this week were with Zoe and that’s a cake job and then on Friday Oliver and I had a pretty good time together! So other than occupying my time that didn’t babysitting wasn’t the reason that I haven’t written anything since Tuesday, I do believe that the constant coughing and not getting a good night’s rest had more to do with it!! But anyway here I am on a blizzard Saturday trying to catch up!! read more

Exploring the Mutantrumpet of Ben Neill

A  Message from Echoes leads to the Exploration of Horizontal from Ben Neill

On Friday of last week, I received the email outlining what was coming up on Echoes during the week of January 18th. On Wednesday the 20th, the title of the show is Tripped Out Trumpets. Here’s the description of the show…..

It’s the sound of tripped out trumpets. Horn players are going beyond the sound of Be-bop solos and classical concertos. We’ll hear from leading innovators expanding the range of the trumpet including Ben Neill, Nils Peter Molvaer, Jeff Oster and more. Join John Diliberto with Tripped Out Trumpets on Echoes. read more

Manish Vyas – Atma Bhakti

Morning Mediation with the Healing Sounds of Atma Bhakti from Manish Vyas

I woke up this morning with a headache, which is unusual. The headache was most likely the result of a lack of caffeine last night. I didn’t have any Coke with dinner or a coffee at eight o’clock. Regardless of the cause, the result was that I didn’t feel like exercising this morning. What I decided to do instead was to meditate. I figure that I can exercise later in the day when my headache hopefully goes away. The last few times that I have meditated, I have done so while listening to the album  Atma Bhakti: The Healing Sounds of Prayer from Manish Vyas. The previous times I have used the album as the soundtrack for a meditation have been some of the best meditations ever, and I figured that this time would be great, too.  I was correct in that assumption! Typically, I prefer all instrumental music from soundtracks while meditating, but there is something special about the chanting on this album. From the album notes….. read more