Monthly Archive: February 2016

Thoughts About Mindfulness and Mystical Morning..

Lead to New Directions for My Blogs and a Mystical Morning Commute!

The other morning while meditating my mind turned toward my blog and I thought of my blog in relationship to my body mind and spirit. Much of what I try to do during the day is directed at one of those three aspects of life. Whether it’s trying to enrich and keep my mind sharp by reading, exercising and eating right to help my body and meditating and listening to New Age music to lift my spirit, the actions I take revolve around these aspects of life. Anyway what I am going to try for a while is to keep this blog oriented toward the rejuvenation, and revitalization of my mind, body and spirit, read more

Weekly Update: Getting Back to Normal…..

…..Now Let’s Get Back to Moving Forward!!

So after four weeks of coughing ,hacking and feeling generally miserable, I think (fingers crossed) I am finally over my bronchitis!! As a result of that battle with bronchitis, I have not done my morning yoga or mediations very often. It’s hard to do either when with every other breath you are coughing up your lungs!! In addition to the bronchitis the extreme cold that we had for several days, i.e lows in the singe digits, left the room that I exercise in, which is located in the back room of our house, very cold in the mornings! Anyway, told with outdoor temperatures in the 40s this morning, I was able to do my “New Beginnings” yoga sequence and meditate for 15 minutes! Both of which are very welcome!! read more