Monthly Archive: April 2016

A Good Run the First Since ????

Maybe January??? But I think I will be able to keep going forward with a weekend run…..

While I was on my walk on Tuesday, I was moving pretty well and I felt like I could run without much trouble, so rather that go for another walk, I felt like I could run today. My goal was to run two miles, with a secondary goal of running for 30 minutes if I felt pretty good during the run.

So  I loaded up some blues from Toronzo Cannon, his latest album The Chicago Way and took off. I hit the first half-mile mark running at a 10:40 /mile pace and feeling pretty good. I finished the first mile in 10:49 and I felt okay so a 2 mile run was going to be doable. I felt good through the second mile (10:53) and knew that I was going to make the 30 minute goal. I struggled slightly over the final part of the run covering the last .8 miles at an 11:03 /mile pace. But even with that slowing down my overall pace for the run was under 11 minutes per mile! My heart rate at the end of the race was 162, but after a couple of minutes it was down to 112. I am really encouraged by today’s run and maybe it won’t take me as long as I thought to get back to running sub-10 minute miles. Right! What I do need to remember is that I do have to take it slow and try not to overdo it! read more

So Once Again, Here’s How I’ll Start…..

Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker

To Try and Get that Biological Clock to Slow Down!

So this week I’m bound and determined to do better with both my exercising and my diet. I know you’ve heard that a lot in 2016, but the other day I got on the scale and my weight was a lot higher than I want it to be! And the pants that I wear to work and Target must have shrunk because the button popped off! yeah right! Any way that means I need to get serious with my diet, no glazed apple pies at night or other cake type snacks! I think it’s time to break out the Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker and 5 Essentials for a Winning Life from Chris Carmichael and pick out some old favorites or new recipes to try to go shopping! Hmm? I also have put a lot of  cookbooks on the Kindle that were either free or 99 cents. Maybe it’s time to check out a few of those books! read more

A Good Morning Walk powered by Blues of Desperation

Yeah I got off My Butt and went for a walk, listening to Blues of Desperation from Joe Bonamassa

So the calender that  I created yesterday says that I was going to run between 5:30 and 6:30 tonight, but when I checked the weather forecast for today I saw that it was probably going to be raining at that time. As a result, I decided to move the run to 10 o’clock this morning. I also made another change, I decided to walk instead of run. Since I have been having problems lately with my ears being clogged, i thought I would walk to Dollar General and get some ear wax removal medicine.I knew based on my running courses that I could walk a course that would make the walk about a mile. read more

Plans for Moving Me Forward……

and My Biological Clock Backwards..

I have written the following too much over the last three months. “I haven’t done much to turn back my biological clock lately!” I am almost embarrassed to write it and writing it should be enough to get my ass in gear! About the only thing that I have kept up with is yoga and meditation in the mornings. oh, and I do go for short walks with Oliver two days a week and the three days a week at Target provides well over 10,000 steps per day! Anyway, the bottom line is, that once again, I have to work on my diet and start to run this week. read more