Monthly Archive: November 2016

It’s time to Start Turning Back My Biologic Clock Again!

Re-Starting My Attempts to Turn Back My Biologic Clock

In the words of Jerry Jeff Walker

It’s just a blue mood I’m in, comes every now and then
It’s the kind that softly knocks you down to your knees
But it’s gonna pass in time, in a day or two, well, I’ll be fine
Just tonight those blues got the last ol’ laugh on me

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Ok so today I am in a blue mood, sad and slightly depressed. The depression stems partially from the fact that I feel that I have done little over the last several months to turn back my biologic clock. Additionally, I have not written much here on my blog and the longer I go without writing the less I want to write anything.So I think it’s time to make some changes and set some new mini-goals. read more