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A Nuevo Flamenco Guitarist Running Playlist

A Running Playlist Containing Some of My Favorite Nuevo Flamenco Guitarists

Last week I decided to create a playlist for one of my runs using music from four of my favorite acoustic guitarists. Two are solo Nuevo Flamenco guitarists and two are duos. The  solo artists are Jesse Cook and Ottmar Liebert and the duos are Rodrigo y Gabriela and Terra Guitarra.

[URIS id=39365]

The albums that I used for the playlist are two favorite albums Gravity from Jesse Cook which is one of my favorite acoustic guitar albums of  all time and from Rodrigo y Gabriella I chose their album Live in Japan. The songs I picked from Gravity are: “Mario Takes a Walk”, “Closer to Madness” and “Azul”. “Mario Takes a Walk” and “Closer to Madness” are my two favorite songs from Jesse Cook. I don’t think that many songs create a feeling of a dark Arabian night as well as this song!  From Live in Japan I picked “Ixtapa”, “Diablo Rojo” and “Tamacun” read more

A Good Run with Some Fitbit Frustrations

 The Morning Workout

Yesterday I planned to run so rather than do the full-blown workout that I have been doing in the morning. I decided instead to do one of my favorite Kundalini kriyas – Master of Your Domain. Usually, when I do this kriya, I find myself zipping around all day. While I didn’t actually zip around as much as usual I did remain active throughout the day, culminating in my late afternoon run. read more

Four Reading Challenge Reads for the Rest of April

Four Reads for the Remainder of April……

In my post for The Blood Strand, I indicated that I have currently read 18 books on a goal of 60 books. So to stay on pace I only need to read two more books before the end of the month. That should be doable! Here are four books that I am currently reading or plan to read over the next few weeks

Exit West - Mohsin Hamid

Exit West – Mohsin Hamid

One of my individual Reading Challenges is to read the Literature Reading Challenge. This challenge is to move me a little out of my comfort zone and challenges me to read books that I just don’t read. Knowing that I am not going to read a lot of general fiction the goal is to only read six books of this type. I have already read one All That Man Is by David Szalay. read more

Beautiful New Age Music along Nancy Shoop-Wu’s Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road – Nancy Shoop – Wu 

Rainbow Road the second release from violinist Nancy Shoop-Wu has been one of the various albums that I have used as the soundtrack for my morning workouts and meditations over the last few months. And it has been one of my favorites!

About Nancy Shoop-Wu

Nancy Shoop-Wu’s music is a wonderful blend of New Age , Hawaiian and classical music. Shoop-Wu started her musical journey at the age of nine in her home state of Connecticut. She came from a musical family. Her father played the trumpet and her mother the piano. She became determined to dedicate her life to music when her father passed away when she was nine years old. read more

The Blood Strand – A Great Mystery set on the Faroes Islands

The Blood Stand (Faroes #1) -Chris Ould

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about five new mysteries that caught my eye on a visit to Barnes & Noble. Here are the books that were included in that post :

  • Out of the Blues – Trudy Nan Boyle
  • Close Your EyesMichael Robotham
  • Summit Lake -Charlie Donlea
  • The Blood Strand – Chris Ould
  • Savage Season – Joe R Lansdale

After finishing The Blood Strand on Thursday, I have read three out of five of the above books. They have all been great! I read both Summit Lake and Close Your Eyes in April of last year, shortly after I had spotted them at B&N. But for some reason I never got around to The Blood Strand. Once again, it may have been too many books to little time!! read more

Four Great 2017 March Reads

Three Mysteries and a Historical Fiction Highlight My March Reads

  In March, I mainly focused on exercise. I worked hard to increase the intensities of my workouts. In addition to adding more movement to my morning exercise routine, I added anywhere from five to fifteen minutes of dance to the beginning of the routine. I also continued to run. However, because of the weather and some other commitments, I ran less days in March than I did in February. The good news is that I lost five pounds!   The bad news is that I didn’t read as many books as the previous two months! read more

Something New a Return to an Old Yoga Routine….

A Morning Return to a Richard Hittleman Yoga Routine

This morning I had to go to work so I had to limit my morning workout. Rather than just do a shortened version of the workout I have been doing, I decided to do something that I haven’t done for a while a yoga routine! The routine that I did is the second of three practice routines presented at the end of Richard Hittleman’s classic bestseller Richard Hittleman;s Yoga – 2 Day Exercise Plan. This exercise plan was my introduction to yoga. read more

A Strong Four Mile Run and a Different Soundtrack!

The Run 

As I wrote yesterday I have been a runner for most of my life. When I was in my 40s I ran at a 7:30 to 8 minute per mile pace. I was also running  5Ks in the mid to low 20s. But that was 20 some years ago! Okay so logically I know that I am fairly old for a runner. But I was still discouraged, when I started to run again back in January that I was running at  a 11:30 per mile pace. But after the first few 2.5 mile runs my overall time was going down. And because I was taking it slow my average heart rate was going down too! My last run prior to yesterday was my first run that my pace for the entire run was under 11 minutes per mile! read more

Dance to Lose Weight? – Who knew? Everyone but Me!

The Beginnings

It has now been a little more than three months from that fateful day in December of 2016, when I looked in the mirror and said “Whoa is that me?” I have always been on the thinnish side but in profile what I was looking at was anything but thin!! It was then that I knew that I had to get serious about getting back into shape!!

The last time that I had a major moment like this was back about the time that I turned 40! For most of my adult life up until then I had been thin. I believe that back in high school I stood about 5’11” and weighed in at around 130 pounds or so. I had run track and cross country and continued to run off and on for many years. read more