A Great Trip to Cabbagetown with Delta Moon

Cabbagetwon - Delta Moon

Cabbagetown Another Winner from Delta Moon

In accordance with my plan to listen to more music, I put several Americana albums in the iPhone on Monday night. In addition listening to Americana this week Is consistent with my plans . I planned to explore Americana music ( folk, blues, bluegrass and alt-country) during the first week of each month. Anyway, I the Americana albums I picked include:  two blues, two bluegrass albums and one folk album.

Yesterday, I listened to one of the blues albums Cabbagetown from Delta Moon . I first discovered the music of Delta Moon back in 2010 around the time of the release of their sixth album Hellbound Train. I loved their swamp blues right from the get-go. Cabbagetown is the band’s eleventh album. Eight of the alums are studio albums and three live albums.

About Delta Moon

The band originated in Inman Park in Atlanta , as a result of a chance meeting of Tom Grey and Mark Johnson in an Atlanta music store. Tom tried to sell Mark a dobro out if the back of his car. Mark didn’t by it but they exchanged numbers and soon were playing together around Atlanta. In 2003 they won the International  Blues Challenge and the rest as they say is history.

The name Delta Moon come to Tom during a pilgrimage he made to the Clarkesdale Mississippi home of Muddy Waters. The current lineup for the band consists of Tom Gray on lead vocals and slide guitar, Mark Johnson on a second slide guitar, Franher Joseph on bass and Vic Stafford on drums.

About Cabbagetown

This spring Cabbagetown has risen as high as number eight on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Chart. In addition, four of the songs from the album have been on the Blues Song Chart.: “21st Century Man” at Number 6, “Rock and Roll Girl” at Number 7, “Just Lucky I Guess” at Number 10 and “Refugee” at Number 17.

All of the above mentioned tracks are among my favorites!

Bottom Line

Cabbagetown is definitely a four star album for me. That means I really, really liked it. The whole vibe of the album is great and the songs vary so that you’re never bored. Tom’s vocals coupled with his and Mark’s slide guitars just blend so well together. As usual when I reviewed the track list there are too many favourites to list them all. So just check out the album!

 I really do think I need to go back and check out their 2015 release Low Down. Downbeat rated it one of the best albums of 2015!

Links for the Further Exploration of the music of Delta Moon


And here’s a video for “21st Century Man” from Cabbagetown from Delta Moon