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Another Shaded Early Morning Run

The most shaded street on this mornings run

A Struggling 3.25 Mile Run is  Better Than No Run – July 19, 2017

As I  sit here now (12:19 pm) I see that the current temperature is 90 degrees and it’s very, very sunny. So I know that I made the right decision about running this morning. But it was a bit of a struggle to get out the door. The whiny, heat hating me said, “But it’s still going to be hot running, even though it’s 75 now. You know the sun is going to be hot!” The good me said “I know that so what I’m going to do is once again alter my course a little more to get a few more blocks of shade into the run!” The whiny me said “Okay you win!” read more

Third Run of the  Week Puts Weekly Mileage Over Ten Miles!

Birdgeboro St point of run

July 15 – Three Runs in One Week! Yeah Me! Life’s Little Victories!

The Run

Ah, this morning temperatures were in the low 70s and it was cloudy a good morning for a run. And it was,but there was one thing that I forgot! That one thing was that the relative humidity was relatively high! That for someone like me who sweats at the drop of a heat is not a good thing. My first thoughts about the run were that I would run my most hilly four mile run. But that thought went out the window after the first mile. May second, thought was maybe I’d run my four mile Creek out and back 4 mile run. read more

A Three – Mile Morning  Run Because It’s Hot and I’m Old!

The most shaded street on this mornings run

July 12 th – A Three – Mile Morning  Run Because It’s Hot and I’m Old!

Ok so this morning when I checked the weather it was sunny and almost 80 degrees. The forecast is that temperatures will climb into the low 90s today. It would not have taken much to convince myself not to run! But I fought the impulse to do that. Rather I decided that the best idea was to shorten my run to around three miles. Additionally, I decided to plot out a course that would maximize shade! The final thing I needed to do was to tell myself to take it easy! read more

July’s First Run – Not Great But Every Run Helps!

EKK Finishing a 5K Run

Today’s Run : July 9, 2017 – Four Miles – a struggle over the last mile

The temperature was right around seventy  degrees this morning so I decided it was a good day for a run. Looking back at my posts,I see that the last run I wrote about was way back on June 8th. Just because I haven’t posted, doesn’t mean I haven’t been running. While I haven’t been running as much as I should, I did run four more times in June  Here are the results…. read more

My Morning Workout – July 2 & 3 2017

After Workouts babyhstting zoe cutting

My Morning Workouts – July 2 and 3 2017

We went to the Jersey shore yesterday for a small family gathering ( no beach) Just the way I like it! Anyway as a result I didn’t get to run. I did get in an abbreviated morning workout though. I did the first twenty two minutes of my 60 minute workout. The routine included  a 4 minutes dance cardio warm up and a tabata routine was made up of….

1 -4 – 20 second sets of jumping jacks (25 per 20 seconds ( 100 total)
2- 1 – 20 second mountain climbers -35 total
3 -1 – 20 second squat thrusts – 10
4 -1 – 20 second push-ups
5 -1 – 20 squats
6 -1 – 20 second squat kicks
7- 1 – 20 second squat steps
8 – 1 – 29 second squat together
9- 1 – 20 second hydrant
10- 1 – 20 second chair kickbacks read more