July’s First Run – Not Great But Every Run Helps!

EKK Finishing a 5K Run

Today’s Run : July 9, 2017 – Four Miles – a struggle over the last mile


The temperature was right around seventy  degrees this morning so I decided it was a good day for a run. Looking back at my posts,I see that the last run I wrote about was way back on June 8th. Just because I haven’t posted, doesn’t mean I haven’t been running. While I haven’t been running as much as I should, I did run four more times in June  Here are the results….

1 – June 15 – distance 3.26 miles, overall pace 10:45 min/ mile
2  – June 22 – distance 3.28 miles, overall pace 1049 min/ mile
3  – June 25 – distance 4 miles, overall pace 11:13 min/mile
4 – June 29 – distance 4 miles, overall pace 10:53 min/ mile

While you may not realize it, three of those four runs were on a Thursday –  June 15,22, and 29! The reason is simple, it’s my day off from babysitting and Target.

The last two runs were  both four mile runs and that’s a good thing. Now all I need to do is get another weekday run in and then a longer weekend run! Ha!

Today’s Run Prep

As I said at the start of this post the temperature this Morning was relatively cool (70 degrees). The only bad thing was that it is also very sunny! On days like today,  I try to plan my run so that it has a good amount of shade in it. The bad thing about that is that the most heavily wooded area in town is also the area at the highest elevation . Which means it’s uphill to get there!

The Run…

Anyway I took off telling myself to take it easy because there will be a hill coming. So I was buzzing along feeling pretty good like I could keep this pace up for the whole run But when I finished the first mile in 10:25 I began to worry. At the 1.5 mile mark my pace had dropped to 10:38 (mid-way up that hill) and by the time I was at the top of the hill and heading toward the second mile mark my pace had dropped to 10:53! Finally I made the turn and headed back to the hill, but this time I was going down hill so I got to recover a little but the rest of the run after  my descent was a struggle! My only thought was I don’t care about time just let me finish – which I did!

The Splits

Mile No   –  Average Pace

1      –     10:26 min/mile
2      –     11:17  min/mile
3      –      10:58 min/mile
4.     –      11:47 min/mile

The Results

Calories burned 591    Average Heart-rate 143 bpm Max Heart-rate by 156 bpm

Overall, I am going to rate today’s as a B – The first mile gets an A  and the last a C The to middle miles a B. So that’s the average which is fine by me!  AndI just need to remember each run makes me a little better than before!!

The Soundtrack for the run was Erosion the latest from the Prog Rock band Cydemind. I will be reviewing the album in a bit at  FreeWheelin’ Music SafarI