Happiness and Diet reads from the Library!

Checked Out – Books on Sustainable Happiness, The Burn Diet and Grain and Your Brain!!

So yesterday I had to take a book back to the library that my daughter had at college.  The book was due back in early September and the library was now charging me for the book and had suspended my borrowing privileges. But now they have the book back and all is forgiven and things are back to normal!

I did well through the new fiction books, as I didn’t get anything new to read.There were a couple of books that peaked me interest, but I’ll save them for another time. However, I didn’t make it through the nonfiction books though without picking up a few books! read more

Want to Be -Better Than Before? Gretchen Rubin Tells Us How!

Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives – Gretchen Rubin

An alternate tag line that would fit this blog is trying to be better than before! That’s my goal to try to make myself better than before! So when I saw that Gretchen Rubin‘s latest book was to be titled Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives I couldn’t wait to read it! I think that I began reading self-help books at least as far back as college and maybe even earlier. I’ve read the likes of Dale Carnegie,  Wayne Dyer, Depak Chopra and Stephen Covey and still I have the same problems of making changes or forming habits that last. Like Wiley Coyote I keep chasing the perfect me and I keep running right off that cliff or into that mountain. But I think that may change now thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s book which was the 36th book I’ve read in 2015 and maybe the most important!! See I don’t know if any of the books that I have read before answer the question that is at the core of Better Than Before and that is How Do We Change? Gretchen’s answer – by using habits! From Better Than Before: read more

Goals and Resolutions a New Chart!

A New Chart to Help Organize My Goals and Resolutions

So I haven’t really written about my anti-aging, or happiness goals and resolutions for a long time. Maybe the reason is that if I avoid making any resolutions, then I don’t have to keep any resolutions!! But if I do that things aren’t going to change, i.e. I won’t be moving forward, rather I’ll just be maintaining the status quo.Anyway, I think that with the start of a new year (see yesterday’s post on Nowruz) it’s time to make some goals and resolutions!. read more

An afternoon with granddaughter Zoe, makes my “happiness” level go up and up!

So taking care of a baby IS like riding a bike, once you learn how to do it, you don’t forget! So why am I asking this question? Because this afternoon I had to babysit our granddaughter Zoe, by my self!! See daughter-in-law   Missy had a meeting with her advisor at Rutgers, Peter had to work, Elizabeth while off from her school today, she was babysitting Oliver and my wife was working. That left me to help out Pete and Missy!!  So I went right from Target to Pete’s, arriving just in time to get instructions on how to heat Zoe’s bottle, and her eating schedule, before Missy headed out the door. read more

November’s Anti-Aging Goals – Treat My ADD and Tinnitus – More Meditation!

Healing ADDOk so I really haven’t come up with what my exact “happiness” goals are for November but I have been thinking about ways that I can make my life better! The other day, after I reviewed the symptoms of ADD and seeing that I have 21, or 22 if I add the one that my wife said I missed, it really hit me that rather than joking about it, I may really suffer from ADD/ADHD and that if I treat it maybe my life can be a little better. I say a little better because right now it’s pretty good! read more

Looking Back at Last Month’s Resolutions – This Month Taming Negative Thoughts!!

Okay, so last month I made some resolutions at the start of this blog they actually started as weekly goals, but then morphedFitnessJog into monthly goals. Here are the goals for last month:

  • get back to eating healthier, increase fresh fruit and veggie consumption, i.e. blueberries and strawberries for breakfast, more veggies with diner.
  • start running again!
  • continue to exercise in the morning, either weight routine or yoga
  • work some meditating into my day!!

For the most part I have kept to the resolutions and have made them a part of my daily routines. While my eating has not been perfect, it has been more vegetarian oriented, particularly in the morning and at lunch. I do have dried cherries in the house for snacking this week, along with almonds. Some nights dinners have been vegetarian while others have either chicken or pork as the main dish. I signed up for the 21 day kickstart program from Dr Barnard but so far I have avoided the emails!!! Most days I have been exercising in the morning except for the days this month that I have gone into work at Target at 7 am – Tuesdays and Thursdays! Those two days have become running days along with Sunday and for the last two weeks I have run 3 days per week! Still not moving very fast but overall the runs have been easier! The cooler weather with helps make it so! Finally, meditations have been limited to ten minutes or so at the end my exercising on the days when I do yoga! read more

Can Following the Seven Steps to leading a Bill Murray Life – help us be happier??


Murray at the premiere of The Monuments Men, 2014 Berlin International Film Festival

Today as I was reading through my Twitter feed I came across this post, I originally saw it when it was tweeted by Salon –7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray. When I looked for it tonight I saw that it was originally posted at Vulture.com on September 7th….From Vulture

….Friday was “Bill Murray Day” at the festival, and it consisted of screenings of Murray classics Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Day, and the world premiere of his new film, St. Vincent, in which he plays a grumpy old man tasked with watching the child of his neighbor, played by Melissa McCarthy. During the Q&A, moderated by Scrooged screenwriter Mitch Glazer, and featuring Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, Murray dropped so many pieces of life wisdom that it seemed only right to gather it into a Bill Murray Guide to Life. (Copyright: us.) read more

Are We Really all a little “Unworthy”? Cheryl Wheeler tells us how?

Dedicating some time to meditation is a meaningful expression of caring for yourself that can help you move through the mire of feeling unworthy of recovery. As your mind grows quieter and more spacious, you can begin to see self-defeating thought patterns for what they are, and open up to other, more positive options.

Sharon Salzber Read more

When  think of all the things that I should be doing to stay younger and happier…..like learn a new language, learn to cook better and even to learn more to expand my yoga practice, I become overwhelmed and I feel truly unworthy……..as does Cheryl Wheeler in her great song of the same name……. it always cracks me up and then inspires me……. read more

Something Different – Edward tries somes drawing – oh my!

And Now for something completely different!

SassafrasLeafThis afternoon I was thinking about the way that I have spent many a day and that would be wandering around woods trying to figure out where that wetlands line goes! As I thought about vegetation, I thought I wonder if anyone else has a favorite tree…or leaf?? My favorite is Sassafras, I like the shape of the leaf and I really like it went I start to dig a shallow soil boring to look at the soil, and I hit a Sassafras root and the sweet smell of Sassafras comes wafting up! read more

Thinking About How to Kick Off Month One, and Addressing Some Initial Resolutions!

In Happier at Home Gretchen Rubin starts her newest Happiness Project in September. To many, myself  included, September is a of course the start of  a new school year, and when your life as a student and the parent of a student revolves around school, September is every bit as much the start of a new year as January is. Additionally it is not only is it the beginning of a new school year, but it’s also the start of a new football season!! But back to Gretchen in her new book September is her beginning and the first area of her life that needs attention deals with her possessions. The hope being that by dealing with the aspects of her possesions that cause unhappiness, she will increase her overall happiness read more