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Can Following the Seven Steps to leading a Bill Murray Life – help us be happier??


Murray at the premiere of The Monuments Men, 2014 Berlin International Film Festival

Today as I was reading through my Twitter feed I came across this post, I originally saw it when it was tweeted by Salon –7 Steps to Living a Bill Murray Life, by Bill Murray. When I looked for it tonight I saw that it was originally posted at Vulture.com on September 7th….From Vulture

….Friday was “Bill Murray Day” at the festival, and it consisted of screenings of Murray classics Stripes, Ghostbusters, and Day, and the world premiere of his new film, St. Vincent, in which he plays a grumpy old man tasked with watching the child of his neighbor, played by Melissa McCarthy. During the Q&A, moderated by Scrooged screenwriter Mitch Glazer, and featuring Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman, Murray dropped so many pieces of life wisdom that it seemed only right to gather it into a Bill Murray Guide to Life. (Copyright: us.) read more

A Good Read to Help My Happiness Project – Throw Out Fifty Things!

 Ok so I’ve done really poorly at posting here and keepingg my happiness project up to date. As you know, I started my happiness project at the beginning of this month, and started where Gretchen started, with Energy and Vitality. As part of the project, I’ve create a series of resolutions to work on each month, and am attempting to keep track of whether or not I have kept those resolutions on a daily basis, by making either an X for no, or a check for yes on a chart. While I am not doing well at keeping the chart, I have been working on the resolutions a little every day! read more