A Strong 4-Mile Run – Music by Albany Down

The Run – 4.25 Mile Harper Loop

So I ran yesterday for the first time since last Wednesday. The reasons I didn’t run are: I worked at Target on Thursday and Friday, then on Saturday I helped my son Peter and his family move into their new apartment.So each day I was tired and on Sunday I just collapsed!

Anyway last Wednesday’s run was my four-mile Creek Out and Back run. And I ran it a little over a minute faster than the previous time I had run the same course. There is improvement!! So yesterday I decided to run another four-mile course. I chose the course that I call Harper Loop and it is one of the few courses that I run that has a hill or two in it. read more

RGranddad’s Anti-Aging Efforts Showing Dividends?

Anti-Aging Efforts Update – February 14,2017

Ok so once again I need to apologize for not writing on this blog for a while….. (Short Break)

Ok  I’m back I just had to figure out how to download an ebook from my library. I haven’t done it for a while and I needed to reinstall the Overdrive app on my iPhone to do it! Anyway I did it and just now downloaded the book! Now the question becomes do I want to read The Perfect Assassin, book one in the David Slator series from Ward Larsen first, or continue Assassin’s Silence book three in the series, that I checked out of the library yesterday!! Can you say too many books to little time!! oh, well, I think book one has to come first!! read more

A Recap of This Week’s Runs! (Jan 23-29)

Week of Jan 23-29 – Three Runs Woo-Hoo!

What a week! It’s the first week in I don’t know how long that I actually run on three days! Maybe just maybe my biologic clock slowed down just a little this week. I know that  I am starting to feel a lot better. The trick will be to keep it going.

In addition to this week’s three runs,I also did a 20 minute stationary bike workout on Tuesday. I really don’t use the stationary bike much and when I do I always think that it doesn’t do much for me. But after doing that 20 minute workout with TriJake Fitness I think that the problem is me and not the bike! I do believe that I will be doing more bike workouts in the future!! read more

A New Year – Back to the Basics and Running!

Renaissance Granddad Returns to an Old Workout and Starts Running Again!!

Ok so I haven’t written anything here in a very long time! One of the reasons is that I switched and started posting more at my original website Me, Myself, Music and Mysteries, and most recently I decided that I was going to focus more on the books that I read, so I started a new website This Man Reads. The second reason is last year I sucked at turning my biological clock backwards. In actuality, I think the clocks moved faster last year! Anyway, I have vowed to do better this year.  So far that is happening and hence this post!! read more

Plans for Moving Me Forward……

and My Biological Clock Backwards..

I have written the following too much over the last three months. “I haven’t done much to turn back my biological clock lately!” I am almost embarrassed to write it and writing it should be enough to get my ass in gear! About the only thing that I have kept up with is yoga and meditation in the mornings. oh, and I do go for short walks with Oliver two days a week and the three days a week at Target provides well over 10,000 steps per day! Anyway, the bottom line is, that once again, I have to work on my diet and start to run this week. read more

Weekly Update: Getting Back to Normal…..

…..Now Let’s Get Back to Moving Forward!!

So after four weeks of coughing ,hacking and feeling generally miserable, I think (fingers crossed) I am finally over my bronchitis!! As a result of that battle with bronchitis, I have not done my morning yoga or mediations very often. It’s hard to do either when with every other breath you are coughing up your lungs!! In addition to the bronchitis the extreme cold that we had for several days, i.e lows in the singe digits, left the room that I exercise in, which is located in the back room of our house, very cold in the mornings! Anyway, told with outdoor temperatures in the 40s this morning, I was able to do my “New Beginnings” yoga sequence and meditate for 15 minutes! Both of which are very welcome!! read more

The Dash Diet and Yoga Highlight the Week!

Even With a Cold Babysitting, The Dash Diet and Yoga Make it a Good Week!

So having a wicked cold and babysitting all week does not mix well with trying to blog .I think that the cold had more to do with it than babysitting because three out of the four days I babysat this week were with Zoe and that’s a cake job and then on Friday Oliver and I had a pretty good time together! So other than occupying my time that didn’t babysitting wasn’t the reason that I haven’t written anything since Tuesday, I do believe that the constant coughing and not getting a good night’s rest had more to do with it!! But anyway here I am on a blizzard Saturday trying to catch up!! read more

Granddad has his Yearly check up…..

And Some Dietary Changes May Be in Order…..

So this week I finally got around to having my yearly EKG and blood work done. I am only about three months late in doing so! Part of the reason is that I know, that I while I have been running and walking, I really haven’t been eating, as well as I have in the past. Unfortunately, the test results have confirmed my suspicions! While the numbers are still acceptable and result in a below average risk, I still want them to be better. read more

Happiness and Diet reads from the Library!

Checked Out – Books on Sustainable Happiness, The Burn Diet and Grain and Your Brain!!

So yesterday I had to take a book back to the library that my daughter had at college.  The book was due back in early September and the library was now charging me for the book and had suspended my borrowing privileges. But now they have the book back and all is forgiven and things are back to normal!

I did well through the new fiction books, as I didn’t get anything new to read.There were a couple of books that peaked me interest, but I’ll save them for another time. However, I didn’t make it through the nonfiction books though without picking up a few books! read more

Want to Be -Better Than Before? Gretchen Rubin Tells Us How!

Better than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives – Gretchen Rubin

An alternate tag line that would fit this blog is trying to be better than before! That’s my goal to try to make myself better than before! So when I saw that Gretchen Rubin‘s latest book was to be titled Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives I couldn’t wait to read it! I think that I began reading self-help books at least as far back as college and maybe even earlier. I’ve read the likes of Dale Carnegie,  Wayne Dyer, Depak Chopra and Stephen Covey and still I have the same problems of making changes or forming habits that last. Like Wiley Coyote I keep chasing the perfect me and I keep running right off that cliff or into that mountain. But I think that may change now thanks to Gretchen Rubin’s book which was the 36th book I’ve read in 2015 and maybe the most important!! See I don’t know if any of the books that I have read before answer the question that is at the core of Better Than Before and that is How Do We Change? Gretchen’s answer – by using habits! From Better Than Before: read more