This Week’s Cardio – Two Runs – One Ride – Cycling or Running which is better??

So I had a not too bad run on Tuesday covering the same 3.5 mile course as Sunday in a slightly faster time.  Overall, the time was

Cycle Speed by Newsbie Pix - Flickr CC

Cycle Speed by Newsbie Pix – Flickr CC

still crappy, but at least faster, particularly over the last half  mile. Yesterday I decided to do some cross-training and went for a bike ride. I covered almost 8 miles in a little over 30 minutes and felt pretty good at the end.

This morning I felt really good, no pain in my legs and overall I felt better than I have in weeks. Is this because of the exercise and better eating that I’ve been doing over the last week or so, or just because it’s September!! Anyway, since I felt so good I figured why not go for a run today! Mistake!  After struggling through the first mile, I ran a little more and said “The hell with it” and stopped and walked for about a quarter of a mile. I started to run again, felt ok for a while then crappy, so I switched to walking again. I continued that for almost the whole 2.75 miles that I covered. The way I look at it was that I ran some intervals today! Not very fast intervals but intervals never the less. I probably should have not even tried to rum today at all! But maybe what I did is better than nothing at all! We’ll see! read more