A Walk/Jog to Restart Running – Music by Aisles

A Walk/Jog to Restart Running and Slow My Raging Biologic Clock…..

So for the last six to eight months,particularly the last three months, I feel that my biological clock has been moving ahead a full speed. While I have been keeping up with my daily yoga and meditation, even including a couple of days a week with light weights. I have done little else right. I have run maybe five to six times this year and now that I haven’t been for my walks with Oliver, I have packed on several unwanted pounds!! read more

Delanco 5K – A Good Run and some music from Quicksilver Messenger Service!

At the finish, note the mass of runners behind me!

So we got up and out of bed in the dark this morning to trek that long way across the Riverside – Delanco Bridge and take part in the Delanco Woman’s Civic Association 5K took us all of five minutes to get there!  It was a nice morning and as I warmed up to Halestorm’s The Strange Case of…... I felt not great but ok!

The race started at the appointed 9:00. The course starts on Rancocas Ave along the Rancocas Creek and winds it’s way down to the Delaware River. along the river and then it follows Delanco streets makes a loop off of Fenimore Lane (where I stared at the home my wife grew up in) and then returns along the same route to the finish. The course is flat for most of the run. The only grade change comes within the first and last half-mile, between Rancocas Avenue and Cedar Street where the grade goes from elevation 8 to about 19. read more

Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K!

Ok so I haven’t written yet about Saturday’s 5K and that’s mainly because I didn’t know my official time or place. Well, today the results were finally posted on the web!

But first let’s talk about the really important stuff, the event raise over $ 60,ooo dollars for lung cancer research!  Lung Cancer is the number one killer of the cancers and the least funded! General Donations will be open for the next three months at the website for Your Next Step is the Cure™Halloween Hustle: Philadelphia 5K.( My only regret about the day is that we didn’t raise as much money this year as last.) read more

Breathe for Life – 5K Run/Walk for Lung Cancer Awareness

So this morning was the Breathe for Life-Lung Cancer Awarenes  5K Run/Walk. The day started with Team WillPower, running and walking in support of my son’s brother in law Will Marris, gathering on the steps of the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park in Philly. Around 8:00 the festivities began with the announcement of the awards for the Teams that raised the most money. WMGK’s Andre Gardner served as the MC. The top three teams raised around $17-19,000! Our Team Willpower raised around $1,925! Between the staff of the Riverside Schools and folks at my work I (we) raised $335.00 of the total on my page! Thanks to All!  6 ABC”s consumer report Nydia Han who had done a week long report on Lung Cancer then spoke about the survivors she had interviewed including Will and several others. Han also spoke about losing her mother to lung cancer two years ago making today’s event all the more special for her. read more

A Good Day a 5K and a Used Book Sale – Who Could Ask for More??

So today was a pretty good day. When I woke up this morning I was still pretty tired. I had worked last night at Target, which meant that my work day started at 8:30 in the morning and ended at 11:39! I really didn’t feel like running a 5K but damn it wasn’t raining and the wind while fairly strong didn’t seem that bad so I made that long 1mile treck to Delanco! I was curious as to whether or not George Gusrang the best runner on my high school cross country team would be participating and sure enough George arrived a little after me. George is a year younger than me so the only year that he’s not in my age group is at the decade split, so this yeat he is still in the 50-59 age group while I’m in that 60 plus group! Now the reason I need to be in a different age group is that George and I are separated by a  about a mile on the course during the race! He is still pretty damn fast and runs triathelons and half marathons. The majority of today’s race was along the Delaware River with the wind at our backs on the way out and in our faces on the way back. read more

Today’s Race – Homes for Our Troops 5K

Ok so this morning I ran a 5K in Pennsauken. NJ sponsored by The Builders League of South Jersey to benefit Homes  For Our Troops. I had my excuse for not running as well as I wanted to all set,(goal was at least to break 30 minutes) I worked at Target last night so I didn’t get home from work until after 11:15! I also kept telling myself it doesn’t matter how fast you are, just enjoy the run, run it like a training run and others. So the race started and I was able to keep my race pace slow enough that I was running comfortably. I hit the first mile mark and looked at my watch 8:50! Ok, now the fastest I’ve run in the last three weeks was around  9:30! At two miles I was at 18:05!  Now I knew I was going to make it under 30 minutes but I was laboring so I backed off and just held on! So here I am coming into the home stretch fighting off Norman Ostroff (age 65) whose right behind me! I actually didn’t know it was Norman behind me but thought it was Davina Bush, who is behind Norman. I had passed her within the last mile and thought she was catching up! But if you can see that clock it says 28:34! My official time was 28:39 about a 9:13 per mile pace and I was a very happy runner! I finished fourth out of eight in my age group (50-59). Awards went to the top 3…. in my group was Joe Bucherer with a time of 26:18 which is a ways away! Overall I finished 48 out of 126. (Race Results) So it was a good run and for most of it I enjoyed the scenery, which was pretty nice around the Cooper River! I told my wife you know what that time means though….. only 39 seconds to go under 28 minutes so there has to be another race!! So thanks to the owner of my company Lippincott Jacobs Consulting Engineers George Timchal for signing me up and giving a nice donation to a good cause! Oh and thanks to my wife Kathleen for the good pictures! read more