Something New a Return to an Old Yoga Routine….

A Morning Return to a Richard Hittleman Yoga Routine

This morning I had to go to work so I had to limit my morning workout. Rather than just do a shortened version of the workout I have been doing, I decided to do something that I haven’t done for a while a yoga routine! The routine that I did is the second of three practice routines presented at the end of Richard Hittleman’s classic bestseller Richard Hittleman;s Yoga – 2 Day Exercise Plan. This exercise plan was my introduction to yoga. read more

Musings Meditation, the Japji Sahib and Sikhism

An Early Meditation and the Japji Sahib leads to a Renewed Interest in Sikhism and Kundalini Yoga
The Meditation

Over the last few days I have changed up my morning routine. On the days that I am not working at Target, I have started my morning with a twenty-minute meditation. Typically, my meditation comes after my yoga. Both times I have done this my meditation has been very very good. I think I will keep it that way at least for a while. I also think the music I used for the soundtrack.had a hand in making the meditation better. Both days the soundtrack was from the album Alive in the Vortex by Steve Roach.  Steve Roach is one of those musicians whose name I know but whose music I never listen to much. I think I’ll have to change that, and check out some more of his stuff. read more

What’s Been Happening? A Quick Update!

A Little Reading, Some Yoga and an Attempt to learn German!

Well, it has been about ten days since I posted anything new. I think that is probably the longest I have gone in the last three years without posting anything! The fact that I haven’t posted doesn’t mean nothing has been happening though, because I have been doing stuff! I finished two books The Secret Crown Book 6 in Chris Kuzneski‘s Payne and Jones series and the latest from Harlan Coben Fool Me Once. Both were really good books. They are books 23 and 24 for 2016. I will try to write more about them in the next few days. I also started reading Jack 1939 from Francine Mathews so far it is pretty good. read more

The Dash Diet and Yoga Highlight the Week!

Even With a Cold Babysitting, The Dash Diet and Yoga Make it a Good Week!

So having a wicked cold and babysitting all week does not mix well with trying to blog .I think that the cold had more to do with it than babysitting because three out of the four days I babysat this week were with Zoe and that’s a cake job and then on Friday Oliver and I had a pretty good time together! So other than occupying my time that didn’t babysitting wasn’t the reason that I haven’t written anything since Tuesday, I do believe that the constant coughing and not getting a good night’s rest had more to do with it!! But anyway here I am on a blizzard Saturday trying to catch up!! read more

Sunday Morning – Yoga, Meditation and Halloween!

Transformation - Sherry Finzer and Darin MahoneyThis morning ‘s exercising consisted of the second Richard Hittleman yoga routine (my favorite) followed by a 15-minute meditation. Lately, I have not been using any music during my meditation, but this morning I decided that on a quiet Sunday morning, a soundtrack would be nice. I picked the album Transformation by Sherry Finzer and Darin Mahoney. It was a good choice…and I am still listening to the album! It’s a perfect Sunday morning album. Sherry writes this about the album on her website… read more

This Week in Yoga – End of the Week Update

The Yoga  – “The Essence of Self”  and Kundalini/Weights and More

So the last time I chronicled my adventures in Exerciseland was Tuesday night June 30th. On morning Tuesday, I missed my yoga, but I did do the Kundalini kriya “For A New Energy Balance” in the afternoon. On Tuesday evening i’ did a quick very relaxing kriya called “Movement”.to prepare for the non-stop movement of a day babysitting of Oiiver! I also created a circuit timer for the kriya “Essence of Self”, the length of the kriya is around 15 minutes so it was a perfect fit for the time I had on Wednesday morning. read more

Xavier Quijas Yxayotl and Kundalini – Go Together!

Kundalini Kriyas – To Master Your Domain and For A New Energy Balance

So I did in fact start my morning yesterday, using my new Seconds circuit timer on my Kindle Fire to provide the times for my morning Kundalini yoga session. I did the :To Master Your Domain” kriya again and the timer works great. I can move easily from one movement to the next within the 15 second rest period, I set between each exercise’. And the nice lady even informs me which exercise I am doing! Never once did  see say “calculating you’re doing the wrong exercises bozo!”. I even know now how long the set takes 26:45 with the rest periods included!! read more

To Master Your Domain – AM Kundalini

The Kundalini Kriya: To Master Your Domain – Soundtrack Peter Phippen!

and the Kindle App that ruined the Moment!

This morning I decided that I was going to do the Kundalini kriya “To Master Your Domain” as my morning exercise. The various poses and movements are all done for different durations. The first set of  leg raises for four minutes, then alternating leg raises for two minutes, the next for four minutes and so on, I usually use the timer on my phone, but lately I’ve used a simple timer on my new Kindle Fire mainly because the numbers are bigger (and it’s a new toy). Friday I bought an interval timer ,well, I didn’t by it, it was free. Anyway, it was ok for doing a set interval, resting, and then doing the same set interval, but I wanted to vary the interval lengths. The app said that you could create extended training sessions which I figured out how to do, but after I created the set, I couldn’t recall it or use it. After wasting 30 minutes or more trying to figure out how to use it I gave up and used my watch to do the kriya. read more

Kundalini Yoga Leaves Me with Sore Legs!!

Kundalini  in the Afternoon leads to Some Sore Legs! No Pain, No Gain!!

As I was walking around at work at Target this morning, I realized that my legs were feeling good, the hurt was gone! What hurt you say? Well it was a good hurt that comes from doing a difficult exercise! A difficult exercise you say, but you have just been doing yoga!! You are correct, grasshopper, But Tuesday I decided to do a Kundalini kriya. I looked through Kundalini Yoga: as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Unlock Your Inner Potential Through Life-Changing Exercise.  by Shakta Kaur Khalsa and picked the kriya For Physical and Mental Vitality. I remembered it as a shorter Kundalini kriya that i liked. The kriya consists of 5 exercises 1) Criss-cross 2) Push-Pull 3) Breathe and Stretch 4) Light Energy 5) Relax. Overall, the kriya was great from number 2 onward!!  Yes the criss-cross did me in – the criss-cross starts laying on your back, you then raise your feet about a foot off of the ground and proceed to begin to criss- cross-cross your legs left over right and then left over right, inhaling as they cross exhaling as they spread – piece of cake right!  It seems that way but the kicker is the time that you spend crossing those legs  2 to 5 minutes!! I kinda made it to 2 minutes and my legs felt it immediately and did for two days!! But the hurt was a good hurt and this afternoon and this evening my legs have felt pretty good. This afternoon I took a 30-minute slow walk around Pennington Park in Delanco, NJ!! So the question now is should I do the Kundalini kriya again tomorrow – I think maybe!! read more

Dean Evenson Provides Soundtrack for AM Yoga!

AM Yoga: Mindful Meditation Prep and Hittleman Routine powered by Music from Dean Evenson!

Today I babysat Oliver, so I made sure I started my day with some yoga. The set that I did included four of the poses from 17 poses to prep for meditation. The poses include: high lunge and three poses that are variations of the warrior pose. Warrior pose II, Reverse Warrior and the Humble warrior variation. I realized later in the morning that all of these poses target the legs! Which in addition to preparing for Mindful Meditation also makes them great for a day of chasing and walking with Oliver!! We probably went about 3 miles today in the stroller! Three Walks around Paulsboro!! In addition to those four poses each held for 30 seconds, I also did each of the poses from the first set of Richard Hittleman routine that I have done forever. I only held each of those poses for 10-15 seconds. Overall, I think the yoga put me in a good mood and helped improve my dad with Oliver – although I believe that Oliver’s disposition today had a little more to do with our day than yoga!! read more